Working With A Massage Therapist To Deal With Chronic Fatigue

Friday, December 20th, 2019
man getting a massage

Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), also known as myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME), is a serious condition that can produce chronic pain, flu-like symptoms, and debilitating fatigue. Any physical exertion and even daily activities like cooking or holding a baby can make the symptoms worse.

What causes CFS?

There is not a known cause of CFS, but some believe it can be caused by everything from viral infections to psychological stress. It is also thought to be caused by a variety of factors. There is no test to diagnose patients with CFS either. The easiest way for your doctor to figure out if you have chronic fatigue syndrome is to rule out other health issues first. As for treatment, physicians focus on relieving symptoms to help patients deal with this syndrome.

Diagnosing chronic fatigue syndrome

Even though diagnosing this syndrome can be difficult, it can still be done. In order to be diagnosed, a patient must have had fatigue that prevents them from functioning in daily life for at least six months. In addition to this, there are a number of other symptoms that must have been persistent in the same time period, including sore throat, joint pain, headaches, and concentration issues. Talk to your doctor about your symptoms to learn more about these specific requirements.

Can massage therapy be used as a treatment for CFS?

This type of treatment can be used to relieve symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome alongside traditional treatment methods. Swedish massage, in particular, can be beneficial.

Stress relief is important for treating chronic fatigue syndrome. Not everyone is affected by stress in the same way. Swedish massage focuses on relaxing the body rather than treating a specific symptom. Gentle massages can help increase blood circulation and enhance the way the lymph system works. This helps muscles heal faster, have more flexibility, and have less pain.

Finding and working with a massage therapist

If you have chronic fatigue syndrome and think that massage therapy may be able to help you manage your symptoms, speak with your doctor. If they approve massage as a treatment you can use, your next step is to find a therapist that will work with you to meet your goals.

You need to find a professional that is familiar with relaxing techniques and how they help with CFS. You can do some research online, ask people you know who they might recommend, and visit some studios to see what they are like. Some traits you should keep an eye out for including their ability to listen and empathize, as well as their dedication to their field.

Talk to your therapist about your health concerns

Once you choose a professional to work with, be sure to have a consultation with them. They should be prepared to do this with you. You will discuss your health conditions, lifestyle choices, comfort preferences, and any questions you have about this therapy.

Dialogue should continue during and after your massage sessions. Be open with your therapist if your pain levels are increasing or if something makes you uncomfortable. They should be willing to work with you to get the best results possible.

Ask about aftercare

Your body will feel the effects of a massage long after it is over. This is one reason why aftercare is important. Be sure to talk with your therapist about what to do after the session to keep your body relaxed. This may include drinking more water, meditating, and stretching. The steps you take should be personalized and not interfere with your CFS treatment plan.

Do you need massage therapy in Amarillo, TX?

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