Why The Length Of Your Massage Matters

Wednesday, December 18th, 2019

Spa menus offer a variety of options, including therapy types and different lengths for each session. You may have seen everything from thirty minutes to sixty minutes and wondered why there is such a variance in times. The causes of this (and how it could affect your massage) may surprise you.

What causes the length of a massage to vary?

There are some main causes that will result in one massage therapist allocating more time than another. Each factor can vary in importance too. Here are the main few that you should understand.

  1. The ease of scheduling: If you want to schedule a massage at a different time than the therapist can meet, it can create issues with their other clients. This is why most offer sessions on the hour.
  2. Finances: Massage therapists and studios want to make as much money as possible. This is why they will schedule as many appointments as possible. This can affect how long the sessions they offer last.
  3. Stress: It may sound odd, but massage therapists can experience stress from their work-life like anyone else. If they do not have enough time between sessions to take care of other business-related tasks, they will not be able to give you their best.

Other tasks your massage therapist must complete

There are many other things your therapist has to do besides give you a massage. For work, they may need to return calls, maintain records and files, respond to emails, clean, wait for clients, and conduct billing. Personal things like using the restroom and eating must also be taken care of. Here’s how some of those tasks could affect you.

Using the restroom

It is vital that your therapist has time to go to the bathroom. If they don’t, they may have to go halfway through your session. Their focus could be more on their bladder rather than your massage.

Eating and staying hydrated

Massage therapists must eat, but sometimes they do not get a solid lunch break to sit down and enjoy a meal. If this is the case for your therapist, they may need to schedule time in between sessions to eat. It can be awkward to hear your therapist’s stomach growling during your massage. They may need five or ten minutes after your session to eat before the next customer arrives.

Waiting for clients

Massage therapists must wait for their clients to undress before an appointment and dress after it is over. This can take some time, especially if the client moves slowly. Once the client leaves, they will need to clean the room as well. This can easily cause massage therapists to fall behind at no fault of their own.

Cleaning after each session

This may be something you have never considered, but your therapist must clean the room after your massage session. They will need to switch out the sheet, pillowcases, and face cradle covers as well as disinfect all surfaces. Oil and lotion bottles must be disinfected and reorganized as well.

Returning calls and emails

Depending upon whether a therapist works for a spa or for themselves, they will still need to keep up with calls and emails. This can be easier if the spa or studio employs a receptionist. Clients still like to speak with their therapist, though, so keep this in mind. Your massage therapist will need time to communicate with their clients, especially if they work independently.

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