When Is Deep Tissue Massage Pressure Too Much?

Tuesday, November 10th, 2020
choosing the best type of massage for you

Deep tissue massage is known for being relaxing, but is there such a thing as too much pressure? The answer to this question isn’t exact. The pressure used for any kind of massage varies depending upon the client’s preferences. That being said, you should be aware of what too much pressure may mean for you.

Pressure vs. pain

To understand how pressure works in deep tissue massage therapy, it is important to understand pain. Everyone experiences pain differently and the sensation itself varies as it is a reaction from the brain. Because of this, pain is associated with the physical and physiological functions of the body.

When it comes to massage therapy, two people can experience the same amount of pressure in totally different ways. Finding the right massage therapist is important for figuring out your pain and pressure tolerance.

How therapists should handle pressure

When you are getting a deep tissue massage, the therapist should focus on making you comfortable. Their goal is to relieve your pain, not make it worse. Typically, you can tell that the therapist is using too much pressure if your body has a fight-flight-freeze response. Here’s how they might respond to your nonverbal cues and verbal cues.

  1. Asking questions: The professional might ask if you are comfortable with the pressure within the first few minutes of the massage. They may also ask other questions to ensure the appointment is helping you.
  2. Listening to you: If you have questions or comments, they should listen and adjust their techniques accordingly.
  3. Understanding non-verbal cues: You show you are in pain even if you aren’t speaking. Your body may stiffen, your fingers might curl, or you may even stop breathing. Your massage therapist should pick up on these signs and adjust the pressure as needed.

Figuring out the pressure you need

You can ask for varying amounts of pressure during a deep tissue massage. The lowest amount of pressure is meant to remove muscle knots, especially near the neck and spine. If it is painful for you, a Swedish massage might be a better choice.

Medium pressure deep tissue massage can help with chronic pain, tension, and nerve issues. The deepest pressure is sometimes described as uncomfortable but in a good way. Most people aren’t used to this type of massage, so they describe it as uncomfortable or may feel sore later.

Tips for enjoying your deep tissue massage

There are ways that you can enjoy your deep tissue massage more. These can help you relax during the appointment and reduce any soreness that may come afterward.

  1. Drink plenty of water before and after. This will help your muscles be more pliable and increase the movement of toxins through your body.
  2. Remember to relax! Massage therapy is there to help you relieve tension and feel better. If you are so stressed that your muscles cannot loosen during the massage, you will not feel its full benefits.
  3. Stretch after the massage. Doing this will help to relieve soreness.
  4. Take a warm bath. You can use Epsom salt if you wish. This will reduce inflammation.

Interested in getting a deep tissue massage?

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