What To Ask When Looking For An On-site Chair Massage Therapist

Friday, May 11th, 2018

There are many benefits that massage therapy can offer you, including reduced stress, decreased muscle tension, and less pain. Some studies are even focusing on proving how this therapy can help with insomnia symptoms and myofascial pain syndrome. This therapy is now being offered in hospitals, clinics, airport terminals, and even during work hours at businesses. If you are considering hiring a massage therapist, there are some questions you should ask them, including if they are trained, how they schedule, and the cost.

Do you have training in chair massage?

While there are benefits to both table or chair massage, the two techniques are done differently. You will want to ensure the person you hire is trained in chair massage and understands the areas of the body targeted in this form of treatment. Specifically, this therapy will release tension in the head, shoulders, neck, arms, and hands.

Are you certified to perform massage therapy?

Certification for chair massage is not as common as that for conducting traditional massages. Many who apply for this position may have been nationally certified, but not specifically in chair techniques. You will want to ask whether or not the person is licensed in your state to do massage therapy and if they have experience with chair techniques.

What type of liability insurance do you carry?

Some independent professional massage therapists carry their own insurance through an association or through an independent insurance carrier. Be sure to ask about this when hiring a therapist to do on-site chair massages.

Do you offer different techniques?

Some therapists offer a set routine for all clients when performing chair massages because they don’t feel it is the right environment to offer customized treatments. Others will follow the client’s requests and provide treatment accordingly. Asking each massage therapist if they will customize their sessions for everyone can help you find the best one for your needs.

How long will they provide treatment?

A typical on-site chair massage lasts for fifteen minutes. It can range from five to thirty minutes or longer if the therapist is willing to continue. Before you hire a massage therapist, ask them whether or not they allow varying lengths on request.

How will you handle scheduling?

Depending on where you are considering conducting on-site chair massages, it will be important to know who will be handling the scheduling. If your employees are getting the chair massages, the therapist may rely on them to take appointment information. If the therapist’s schedule does not fit yours, you may have to request they handle this part of the service.

What is the cost of on-site chair massage?

A therapist may want an hourly wage or to be paid per person. A typical on-site chair massage can cost fifty dollars for an hour of treatment. These charges can go as high as eighty dollars for an hour or be broken down to fifteen-minute massages for twenty dollars. There are also therapists who will want compensation for travel time or may request a minimum amount. Be sure to ask how your chosen therapist will accept payment.

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