What Is The Ideal Amount Of Time To Wait Between Massages?

Monday, December 16th, 2019
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Whether you get massages often or have never received one, you may wonder how long to wait between sessions. The answer to this actually depends on why you are getting this therapy, among other factors.

Recovery from sports and other activities

If you need help recovering from an injury after a game or after working out, massage can help. This type of therapy can help enhance performance and prevent injury as well. The ideal amount of time to wait between sports massages depends on your activity and injury levels. At most, try to get this therapy three times a week or at the very least, three times per month.

Massage for stress relief

It would be nice to only have to wait a day to get a massage, but most people can’t use this therapy to relax EVERY day. Getting this therapy for relaxation and stress relief can increase circulation, prevent pain, and enhance flexibility as well as loosen muscles. Because of this, it is suggested that you meet with the therapist as often as your health allows instead of waiting until you are in pain. If you are seeking this therapy to reduce stress, getting a massage every two to four weeks is optimal.

Help with chronic health issues

Massage therapy has been known to alleviate or reduce symptoms from chronic conditions. These include inflammation, back pain, stress-related issues, and more. The amount of time you should wait between massages for health conditions depends on the issue itself and its severity. Work with your doctor and therapist to decide how long to wait between sessions.

Prenatal massage

Having a baby is exciting, but many women experience aches and pain throughout their pregnancy. Prenatal massage therapy can help reduce pain and keep you comfortable. If you would like relief from back pain, sciatica, hip pain, headaches, and general tiredness, this therapy is a good treatment option. It best not wait longer than two or three weeks between sessions to get the most benefits.

Tips for caring for your health between massage therapy sessions

It is important to take care of yourself in multiple ways, not just with massage. The following tips can help you focus on your health between sessions or when you just can’t meet with your therapist.

  • Meditate and relax: Busy schedules filled with work, errands, and general tasks can sap energy and time. Make sure to schedule in a few ten-minute breaks for relaxing during your day.
  • Drink enough water: By drinking water, especially purified water, you can keep your muscles and other tissues hydrated. Your therapist will tell you to drink water after your massage to rehydrate but doing this every day can help eliminate toxins too.
  • Stretch often: If you are sore in the back, neck, and limbs, take time out of your day to gently stretch. Do this until you feel a pull in your muscles, not pain. To lengthen a muscle, stretch for thirty to sixty seconds. Remember to breath easily and do not bounce.

Other factors that may affect how often you get a massage

There are some other things besides the reason for your massages that can affect how often you get them. For example, your budget can determine how long you have to wait. Not every massage is expensive, but don’t choose the cheapest option if it won’t help you. Your schedule may also stop you from getting a massage as often as you would like. Just remember not to use your busy schedule as a reason not to take care of yourself.

Massage therapy in Amarillo, TX

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