Types Of Massage Therapy For Pain Relief

Wednesday, July 15th, 2020
man in white shirt and blue jeans with hand on back, back pain

Massage therapy is well known for its ability to bring relaxation to the client. But, it is also proven to help alleviate pain. From everyday aches to chronic pain, this therapy can be a great treatment for many people suffering from various conditions.

Massage for general or chronic pain

It is widely believed that this therapy, in general, activates tissues and muscles to improve blood flow, reduce tension, and promote healing. Swedish massage has been proven by studies to help relieve pain. The long, sweeping strokes of this therapy are perfect for increasing circulation, reducing tension, and decreasing emotional tension.

Therapies for back pain

Back pain can be bearable for some, but for others, it is debilitating. This type of therapy offers relief for most people that suffer from this condition. For things like muscle knots, Swedish and sports massage work wonders, but trigger point therapy and deep tissue therapy can also help, especially in more serious cases.

For medical conditions, speak with your doctor before getting any massage therapy. Coupled with treatment from your doctor, it can help with your symptoms and even reduce the need for certain medications.

Massage for muscle pain

If you have muscle pain because of sports or fitness activities, sports massage can be a big help. This type of therapy is tailored toward the muscle issues that can happen after a tough workout. Trigger point therapy is part of this method. It involves focusing on the knots in the muscles individually rather than muscles as a whole.

Massage for fibromyalgia

Connective tissue massage, more commonly known as deep tissue massage, can help with the pain associated with this condition. Studies have shown that clients who receive this therapy experience significant decreases in pain. Clients can also see a reduction in mental health symptoms, like depression, when this treatment is used long-term.

Important factors to keep in mind about massage

When considering treatments for any type of chronic pain or pain caused by a health condition, you should first speak with your physician. Simple muscle knots can be easy to treat, but underlying factors like fibro or other issues are not as simple. Finding the best, certified therapist for your needs is important for making sure your treatment goes well too. Do some research before choosing a therapist and speak with them about your health history before receiving therapy.

Massage therapy for pain relief in Amarillo

The benefits of massage therapy for pain reduction are clear. If you are interested in learning more, contact the professionals at Back To Basics Massage Studio today. We provide a variety of Services, including Swedish and Deep Tissue Therapy. You can reach us at (806) 322-3706 or Send Us an email with your questions.