The Differences Between Deep Tissue Massage And Deep Pressure

Friday, May 24th, 2019
What you should know about the benefits of deep tissue massage with back to basics massage studio in amarillo texas

There may be some confusion when you consider deep tissue massage and a technique called deep pressure. Each has its own usefulness and purpose. While deep tissue massage targets specific issues, deep pressure is a technique that can be used during various other types of massage therapy. Learning more about each will help you decide which is right for you.

Looking closer at deep tissue massage

Deep tissue massage is targeted at specific issues that may limit the range of motion or cause chronic pain. The focus with this kind of treatment is to retrain the muscles (usually one or two muscle groups) at the root of the patient’s problem. Frozen shoulder and scar tissue are often treated with this type of therapy.

This therapy may be performed by your therapist using movements with the elbows and forearms, heat, traction friction, compression, trigger point therapy, and/or myofascial release.

Examining deep pressure technique

Some massages require barely any pressure like the Myofascial technique and craniosacral therapy. However, any type of therapy which uses massage to treat or relieve pain and discomfort can be enhanced with deep pressure. Athletes often receive massages with this kind of deep pressure technique.

Communicate with your therapist

Please know that you are welcome to talk with your therapist if the pressure they are using during your treatment is not strong enough. You should also let them know if it is too strong or painful. If massage therapy is too intense, your muscles will actually push back. This circumstance is called muscle guarding. Your body is sending a signal that injury to the tissue may occur if pushing on the tissues continues.

Your needs can actually vary from day-to-day. If you need lighter pressure on one day, there might be other days when you need deeper pressure. Massage therapists have been through effective training and know how to listen to your body. They should be able to naturally find the pressure that is appropriate for your muscles at each session.

What can deep tissue massage treat?

This type of therapy is known to help with many ailments, including tension headaches, arthritis, carpal tunnel, and whiplash. Any form of relaxation therapy can help release tension and stress. This is the most basic way that deep tissue massage can help with your health. It increases blood circulation, boosts your mood, lessens stiffness in the tissues, and releases serotonin to help you sleep better.

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