The Benefits Of Hydration Facials

Monday, November 30th, 2020
woman getting facial from a skincare professional

If your skin is feeling dry and dull, a visit with an aesthetician will help! One of the best services they offer to hydrate and brighten your skin is called the hydration facial. This treatment is great during the colder months but can be beneficial throughout the year.

What is a hydration facial?

As its name suggests, this treatment revives your skin with moisture, making it brighter and more supple. The products used in this type of facial are water-based and will help your skin maintain its hydration. The aesthetician will follow a procedure during the appointment, but the order of the steps may vary. These steps are as follows:

  • Cleansing: This removes impurities from the surface of your skin.
  • Toning: This prepares the skin to absorb the facial products.
  • Exfoliating: The exfoliation step gets rid of dead skin.
  • Applying a serum and massage: The serum is applied at this stage and massaged gently into the skin.
  • Using a mask: Next, the aesthetician will apply a mask with nutrients and moisture, leaving it for about ten minutes.
  • Applying a protectant: The last step is to protect the newly hydrated skin with a moisturizer and eye cream.

So what are the benefits?

Hydration facials are relaxing and take around an hour to complete. Besides feeling relaxed after your treatment, here are some other benefits you can expect to enjoy.

  1. Bouncy, moisturized skin: You will notice this benefit right away. It lasts too! The products used during the treatment are locked into the outer layer of your skin so it can help your skin recover from dryness.
  2. A brighter complexion: The serum is what gives you glowing skin after your facial. It is either a cream or an oil with vitamins and nutrients to enhance hydration.
  3. A more even skin tone/texture: When your skin is dry, it feels rough and unpleasant to touch. A hydration facial will repair the damage and help you retain moisture better.
  4. Less oil: If you have oily skin, hydration facials can actually help stop this from happening. The goal is to balance the natural oils in your skin so your complexion isn’t too shiny or too dry. This can also help prevent acne breakouts.
  5. No more itchiness: Dry skin is irritating and itchy. If you have itchy skin, redness, or sensitivity, you would likely benefit from a hydration facial.
  6. Better absorption of skincare products: The toner step of the facial allows your skin to better absorb products. This includes the ones the aesthetician will use later in the treatment and any you use in your own skincare regimen.

Hydration facials in Amarillo, Texas

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