The Anti-Aging Benefits Of Massage Therapy

Friday, October 12th, 2018
anti aging benefits of massage benefits

When you think about massages, you may think of an expensive, luxury activity that you don’t have time or money for, but this shouldn’t be the case. Massage therapy has been around for thousands of years as a holistic method of promoting physical and mental health. Recent studies show that massage can provide more benefits than just temporary stress relief.

Regular massage therapy can provide an increase to your overall physiological and physical wellness. Another major benefit is the prevention of ailments that may affect aging. In this sense, massage therapy is considered to be anti-aging because of how it relates to the stress response and bodily functions that affect aging.

Stress response and other health related issues

It is widely accepted that stress is a major factor that affects your health and the rate at which your body shows age. Massage therapy has been proven to decrease blood pressure and improve heart rate. As you reduce stress, you can improve your quality of life and slow down the rate of an aging appearance. Other studies show that the reduction in blood pressure and heart rate can also decrease anxiety and depression symptoms.

Massage therapy can increase oxytocin levels in your body, which helps to decrease heart rate, relax your muscles, and improve digestion. Anxiety from daily stress can cause you to be more sensitive to pain. Massage increases endorphin levels that can help lower anxiety and reduce that pain as well.

Massage can improve multiple body systems

Massage therapy promotes blood flow, which affects your circulatory system, including your lymphatic and cardiovascular systems. By improving blood circulation, massage also increases immune response in the body. With better circulation, body tissues can receive more oxygen keeping your skin and internal tissues healthy. With heart disease being the number one cause of death in many developed countries, massage is a natural way to promote healthy systems.

The lymphatic system

The lymphatic system is a part of your body’s vascular system and it plays a big role in your immune function. The lymphatic system carries fluid called lymph (similar to plasma) to and from lymphatic nodes in your body. Lymphedema can occur when lymph becomes stagnant in an area of your body and causes severe swelling. Because massage therapy promotes circulation, it can be a solution to the swelling caused by lymphedema.

The cardiovascular system

The cardiovascular system is responsible for blood circulation through your body. Blood needs to be able to properly circulate to bring oxygen and nutrients to your tissues. The cardiovascular system’s functioning can decline with age and other factors, including plaque buildup and stress. While massage therapy may not affect your cholesterol, it can make a difference to your overall stress levels. By decreasing stress on your cardiovascular system, you can improve blood pressure to promote healthier tissues.

Your immune system

Studies done by the International Journal of Neuroscience and the Journal of Complementary Medicine have shown that regular and consistent massage therapy sessions can enhance certain immune cells. These immune cells increased the immune system’s ability to fight disease and bacteria. Patients also said they felt reduced pain and anxiety and had an improvement in overall mood.

Effects on muscle strain

Your muscular and skeletal systems can be affected by many factors including stress, anxiety, and physical labor, all of which can contribute to chronic pain. Massage therapy is a great place to start treatment as an alternative to medications or surgery. You should always discuss your options with your physician.

Your posture also has an affect on your muscular and skeletal systems, as well as your digestive abilities. Poor posture can increase stress and cause muscle and back pain. Massage therapy can help adjust your regular posture to help promote overall health and keep you looking younger and feeling healthier.

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