Sports Massage

Sports massage provides athletes relief from pain caused by overworked and overstressed muscles. This type of massage therapy focuses on providing specialized pain management for preventing injuries or helping to heal previous damage. No matter the sport, maintaining overall health is vital to success. This is why sports massage has become a popular component of training regimens in professional settings and in the lives of casual athletes.

One of the most important aspects of sports massage is understanding what areas of the body can be affected by the physical activities of individual sports. Different sports require different parts of the body to work together perfectly in order to allow for optimum health and performance. Massage therapists that work with athletes also understand that timing is key in each session. Sessions being performed before an event must be relaxing, but allow time for other preparations. Those that are performed during an event must help individuals wind down from a previous event and prepare for any upcoming ones. Massage therapy performed after an an event can help athletes recover from stress and strains, but can also help heal minor wounds.

Sports massage done correctly can help any active individual prevent injuries, enhance endurance and flexibility, reduce fatigue, and even prepare the mind for success. Talk to one of our professionals today to book your first sports massage appointment and start seeing the results at your next sporting event.

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Sports Massage

Great for athletes who want to maximize performance and physical conditioning. Increases power, endurance, and flexibility using specified muscle strokes and stretching of tendons.

  • 60 minute $75.00
  • 90 minute $100.00

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