What Runners Need To Know About Deep Tissue Massage

Wednesday, November 1st, 2017
What you should know about deep tissue massage with back to basics massage studio in amarillo texas

Deep tissue massages for runners not only feel great, but also offer many health benefits. This type of therapy can help your body recover faster from the stress that running causes to your muscles. Deep tissue massage will also reduce the soreness in your muscles, and if you’re injured, will decrease the time it takes to heal. These benefits are clear, but what is often confusing is how often you should get a deep tissue massage.

Deep tissue massage is the best choice for runners

There are so many different types of massage therapy listed in books and online that it can be confusing to know exactly which is right for you. It will be obvious with some of the techniques that they will not aid you as an athlete, but some will leave you wondering. There are several that will help your muscles relax, including sports massage and the traditional Swedish method. However, professional deep tissue therapy will reduce your stress and give you health benefits before and after a run. This therapy will improve blood flow to your muscles and also stimulate your circulatory system, among other benefits.

The benefits of a deep tissue massage

A deep tissue massage will give you an influx of oxygen-rich blood, so your system will flush out all the byproducts created from hard exercise. It will also deliver fresh nutrients to your system to help you have a successful run. The increase in oxygen is especially beneficial just before an event.

The boost to your circulatory system is incredible, but these massages also help muscles that have become sore during exercise. This improve your range of motion and can also break up scar tissue that may be restricting your muscle movement.

When should you get a deep tissue massage?

A deep tissue massage releases waste products at the cellular level. These types of massages also tend to leave you feeling a bit sore. Many runners feel it is best to consider this sort of massage as part of their workouts and schedule them strategically into their normal routines. The best time to plan for this therapy is after you have completed a vigorous event and plan on a more relaxed run the following day. By following this routine, you will allow your body to recover and will ensure you are not creating adverse effects from a hard workout.

If you perform a vigorous workout within 24 hours of a deep tissue massage, you will contract your muscles and introduce new waste products into your system. The exercise will also cause your muscles to dehydrate further and will eliminate any benefits you received from the therapy. The best time for a deep tissue massage is when your muscles are relatively relaxed and not in a stressed or fatigued state.

Scheduling a deep tissue massage

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