Relief For The Face, Head, And Neck With Cupping Therapy

Friday, April 21st, 2017

Cupping therapy is used for a variety of applications. Many people choose to receive cupping therapy to deal with pain and tension in the head, neck and face. Cupping therapy can help those suffering from lymphatic issues, chronic inflammations, and temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders. The following will explain just how cupping therapy can help you deal with issues affecting your face, head, or neck.

How cupping therapy helps

Cupping therapy utilizes cups of different sizes that are designed to suction to the skin on specific areas of the body. As suction is created between the cup and skin tissue, impurities inside the inner layer of tissue and muscle are pulled outward. Vacuum therapies such as this are a catalyst to lymphatic liquefaction and drainage.

Congestion of the face and body may be due to thickened lymph, which blocks drainage and creates congestion. As congestion builds, your body’s drainage system is overwhelmed and slowed down. A thick layer of lymph halts the elimination of deep inflammation through the blood vessels. Cupping therapy lifts and separates the skin and underlying tissue to enable the movement of any congestion.

Relieving congestion due to thyroiditis

Those with thyroiditis often have a thick layer of congested lymph around the base of their neck. Cupping therapy can assist in clearing that congestion. This therapy provides cosmetic relief for those dealing with this issue and promotes wellbeing.

Alleviating headaches

Headaches are another common complaint of those seeking cupping therapy. This therapy uses soft tissue release techniques and assists in drainage that address the myriad of causes that lead to headaches. Many people are able to achieve relief from headaches by receiving regular cupping therapy.

Relieving TMJ Dysfunction symptoms

TMJ can cause severe congestion near the jaw and around the ears. Cupping therapy along the jawline and down the neck can help relieve pressure. A cupping therapist can use two cups at the same time to create traction that gently moves the soft tissues of the TMJ. This action will not only help relieve pressure, but it can also alleviate pain.

Cupping therapy in Amarillo, Texas

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