How Regular Massage Therapy Can Help Improve Your Posture

Wednesday, October 18th, 2017
Improve your posture and reduce pain with massage therapy in Amarillo, Texas

The neck and back are two areas that are the most affected by tension caused by stress. The reason you feel stress the most in these areas is directly related to your posture. When you don’t sit properly, your body is not aligned, and you force other muscles into working harder while others get weaker. Massage therapy can help you regain proper posture to realign your body and get back your natural movements.

The benefits of regular massage therapy for posture

When you sit in a slouched position for too long, you begin pressing down on your internal organs, which affects how your digestion system functions. The slouched position can also inhibit your breathing patterns and change the circulation of your blood. The bad habit of sitting improperly can be fixed with relaxing massage therapy. Massage therapy will allow your body to regain natural and healthy movements. This therapy will loosen the muscles that have become sore from sitting improperly and allow you to have a more pain-free, natural position.

Receiving ongoing massage therapy will help keep your muscles loosened and your joints relaxed. Each session will focus on the subconscious patterns of poor posture to help you find greater freedom and relieve painful pressure points. Your massage therapist can even provide tips for you to follow after your sessions to help improve your posture over time.

Be aware of your posture

If you have been suffering from shoulder and neck pain, issues with your hands or arms, or headaches, the issues could be caused by bad posture. These strains are a sign from your body that you need to fix something. Take a look at your posture as you sit or walk and really look at how straight your back and shoulders are positioned. This exercise is good to help correct and maintain good posture.

Your shoulders may be the primary source of pain, and it may be where you are focusing most of your attention during this exercise. Instead of focusing on your shoulders, take a look at your chest and make sure it is up and open, which helps your body function better. When you concentrate on keeping your chest up, you will increase your ability to breathe easier and digest food better.

Use your core

When you use your core to keep your chest up, and allow your arms and shoulders to relax, you can keep your body from curling inward. This exercise is good to practice while you’re sitting at a desk or computer during the day. It will also benefit you while you are working out or just moving about during your daily routines. Keep your abdominal muscles tight and your chest high so you do not work the wrong muscles. This helps prevent your shoulders and neck from becoming sore.

Simple exercises for your neck and shoulders

There is a simple exercise you can perform to reduce tension in your neck and shoulders. Perform arm circles to stretch and work muscles at the same time while you keep your chest high and abs tight. By pointing your thumbs like a hitchhiker, it will help you keep your arms out straight. You can also shake your shoulders gently and stretch them. You don’t have to wait for a massage session if you are stiff or sore, so move and stretch wherever you are. Coupled with regular massage, doing these exercises can improve your posture significantly.

Getting professional massage therapy to improve your posture

Massage therapy is a simple, relaxing treatment that can help your overworked and sore muscles. It will allow them to become more relaxed so you are able to enjoy more freedom of movement and experience relief at your pressure points. Regular massage can also help you find relief from tendonitis, IBS, Fibromyalgia, poor circulation, and much more.

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