Questions To Ask Your Massage Therapist

Tuesday, July 27th, 2021
illustrated massage therapist

As someone who is getting their first massage, you might be a little nervous or hesitant. If you’ve never had a massage before, you aren’t sure exactly what is going to happen. It’s ok to ask your massage therapist as many questions as you want so that you’ll feel comfortable. Also, you can check their FAQ page to try to find out any important information before you go to your appointment. 

Common questions

-Will you (the massage therapist) be able to figure out why I’m in pain in certain areas?

The massage therapist will ask you questions about how and when the pain started. This will help them to know how to approach your massage and what technique to use. Generally, they are skilled at finding the best techniques for certain areas of pain. Even though they are trying to understand how your pain originated, they can’t diagnose any issues. 

-Will this hurt?

Depending on the severity of your pain, a massage typically doesn’t cause any pain. You will most likely feel pressure, which for some people may be uncomfortable. But, not painful. If you feel too uncomfortable, just let them know so they can adjust their pressure. 

-What if I’m ticklish?

If you think you are ticklish, let your massage therapist know beforehand. They will know how to work around it. If you don’t realize that you are ticklish until you start to receive your massage, just let them know so that they can change their technique. 

-Why do I have bruising from the massage?

After you’ve received your massage, you may see some bruising 2-3 days prior. This is typical and it’s nothing to worry about. Some people just bruise easier than others. But, if you are uncomfortable with the amount of pressure during your massage, just let the therapist know. 

-Can I sleep during the massage?

Of course! Some people can’t help but fall asleep. A massage is very relaxing and sleeping is a natural response. 

-Will the massage make me feel worse?

Generally, a massage won’t make your pain any worse. As always, let your massage therapist know about your areas of pain so they can adjust their technique if needed. 

-Can I request a silent massage?

You can absolutely request a silent massage. Some people enjoy silence during their massage. The massage studio typically plays music as white noise so that you have an easier time relaxing. 

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