Pre-Natal Massage

Like any massage therapy, prenatal massage is a great way to reduce overall body tension and stress. This therapy is also a great way to help alleviate other common health issues associated with pregnancy, including some swelling, sinus issues, anxiety, and headaches. Choosing to add this type of massage to your normal prenatal care routine can help you have a happier and healthier pregnancy.The first step in a session is to make you comfortable. Special cushions and pillows can be used to properly support specific areas of the body. Therapists that perform these massages know basic techniques, but will also use their skills to individualize each session for your needs. This type of massage requires different methods in order to protect mother and child, including laying on the side of the body or the back, rather than the stomach. A prenatal massage should be relaxing and comfortable, so deep tissue techniques should be avoided.

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Designed to relieve fatigue, pain and tension during pregnancy. Creates a nurturing environment for both the mother and baby. (Cannot be performed during 1st trimester

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  • 90 minute $95.00

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