What You Need To Know About Sports Massage Therapy

Tuesday, March 14th, 2017
sports massage therapy in Amarillo Texas can benefit anyone with pain

Sports massage therapy was designed to prepare athletes for sporting events by helping them reduce fatigue, relieve swelling, and reduce muscle tension. This type of therapy also promotes flexibility and helps athletes prevent injuries. This therapy serves to improve the wellbeing of the body, muscles, and tissues before and after a sporting event. Sports massage can benefit many different types of people besides athletes. If you are interested in receiving this service, it is important to know about the benefits, goals, and processes of sports massage therapy.

Why sports massage therapy is needed

Tension builds in the soft tissues of the body during intense physical activity. If you regularly participate in sports, your body will have numerous minor injuries and muscle wear that builds over time. Regular sports massage helps prepare athletes for peak performance, relieves swelling, alleviates tiredness, reduces muscle tension, and even helps prevent injury. This therapy can benefit anyone who participates in repetitive movement, from a professional athlete to a casual jogger.

Injury prevention

Many athletes receive sports massage therapy solely for injury prevention. This form of therapy is designed to help your muscles, joints, and tendons move through a proper range of motion. This service is similar to a pre-workout warm-up. Your muscles need to be pliable and your joints should be warmed up before you perform any strenuous exercise. These benefits are why many athletes get a sports massage right before a game.

Injuries are often caused by overusing certain muscles. Athletes have to deal with soreness, inflammation, and pain due to these types of injuries. Regular sports massage therapy can reduce the likelihood of muscles becoming overused and reduce the initial inflammation that leads to injury. This therapy is especially effective when treating soft-tissue injuries such as sprains, strains, and stress injuries.

Pain reduction and relaxation

Sports massage therapy can reduce the pain associated with recovering from injury or tight muscles. Receiving this service regularly promotes healing of scar tissue and provides a soothing effect to injured areas. A good sports massage can help lower your stress levels and increase focus so you are prepared for your next athletic event. Pain from sports related injuries can linger, but receiving regular massage therapy will help reduce that lingering muscle pain.

Weekly massages for athletes

A triathlete should receive one massage a week or at least once a month. Everyone responds differently, so there is no perfect time to receive this therapy. The majority of athletes typically prefer to receive sports massage after a workout. The timing depends on your unique needs. Pre-workout therapy simply stimulates your muscles while post-workout therapy is more focused on recovery.

Sports massage therapy in Amarillo, Texas

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