Massage Therapy For Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS)

Monday, November 26th, 2018
massage therapy for restless leg synrome

The American Medical Association classifies Restless Leg Syndrome as a sleep disorder, but its symptoms occur more often when you are awake. The sensations caused by this disorder are often described by sufferers in many ways. Tingling legs, feeling like bugs are crawling on you, or needing to move often are all common symptoms.

Sitting still or lying down may aggravate sensations in your calves, thighs, or ankles that are twitchy and painful. Rubbing your legs, walking around, or doing deep knee bends can help, but these sensations make it difficult to get restful sleep. The following can help you understand the causes of the condition and how massage can ease symptoms.

Causes of restless leg syndrome

The causes of restless leg syndrome vary from case to case. Pregnant women in their later months of pregnancy can experience RLS, but the problems typically go away after their child is born. Iron deficiency may be another cause of RLS. A lack of iron in your blood may prevent the muscles in your leg from resting. Underlying medical issues may also play a part in RLS. Diabetes, kidney disease, and arthritis could all play a part in patients with this condition.

Massage can provide help for those with RLS

Healthcare providers may recommend massage therapy as a way for their patients to get relief from RLS. Regular exercise, weight loss, hot or cold baths, and quitting smoking are other recommendations for patients. Your blood circulation improves with massage therapy. According to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, RLS may be related to poor circulation. When a massage therapist puts pressure on the affected areas, your blood moves better throughout your veins. Lower blood pressure and improvement in lymph fluid circulation are other benefits of circulation improvement through massage.

Relieving stress with regular massage

A vicious cycle is created when RLS sufferers have to cope with the stress of losing sleep. This stress can contribute to an increase of RLS symptoms, which then increases the lack of sleep patients get each night. You may be able to receive relief from stress and increase relaxation by seeing a licensed massage therapist. Not only will they help with your RLS symptoms, but they can relieve the stress related to your condition, resulting in better sleep.

If you experience RLS on a regular basis, you may want to consider purchasing a membership to your local massage studio. The relief provided to you through this kind of therapy may be worth adding the expense of massage into your budget. Practicing other stress relieving techniques on your own can help enhance the benefits you receive from massage therapy, even if you only get one session per month.

Get help for you restless leg syndrome

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