Massage Therapy Can Help Treat Your Hypertension

Wednesday, September 26th, 2018
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It is normal for people to experience high blood pressure when exercising or during intense situations. However, if you have high blood pressure consistently throughout the day, it could mean you have hypertension. Hypertension significantly increases your risk of stroke and heart attack, which are two of the leading causes of death in America. Hypertension pressure has no visible symptoms, so it must be detected and diagnosed by a physician during a doctor’s appointment. The following can help you understand what this condition is and how massage therapy can help treat it.

What causes hypertension and high blood pressure?

There are many causes of hypertension including poor diet, obesity, smoking, alcohol consumption, and a lack of exercise. The most common treatment for high blood pressure is antihypertensive drugs, but you may also be prescribed several different medications. By quitting smoking, avoiding excessive alcohol consumption, starting a workout regimen, and eating a healthy diet, you can help reduce your high blood pressure naturally.

Avoiding and reducing stress can also lower blood pressure, which is why many with hypertension receive massage therapy. Here is how specific massage therapies could help you with your hypertension and high blood pressure.

Deep tissue massage therapy

Deep tissue massage applies significantly more pressure than other therapies. It focuses on reducing chronic pain, sore muscles, and stiffness in your upper and lower body. One of the methods used in deep tissue massage is the trigger point technique. A trigger point is a tight spot within muscle tissue that causes a sharp, sore pain to areas around the muscle. Trigger point massage focuses on these tight spots to loosen the muscles and relieve pain. A study done at the Wirral Metropolitan College Department of Medicine in Liverpool, United Kingdom showed that people who received regular trigger point therapy had lower blood pressure. They also experienced increased relaxation in their follow-up appointments.

Regular massage therapy

A study reported by The Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapies showed that people who received 30 minute massages over several weeks experienced positive results. The study showed people with hypertension experienced reduced blood pressure levels, reduced feelings of depression, increased relaxation, and decreased cortisol levels. Results concluded that regular massage therapy can be beneficial for naturally reducing hypertension.

Other benefits of massage therapy

Besides reducing stress levels and lowering blood pressure, massage therapy can also help manage different pain conditions and increase flexibility. This therapy is a safe, relaxing way to reduce high blood pressure, especially for people that frequently experience stress. It can be used to compliment modern medicine or even as an alternative treatment for some ailments. Massage is used in many places including hospitals, rehabilitation centers, spas, and clinics.

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