Massage Therapy: An Alternative Treatment For Digestive Disorders

Wednesday, February 20th, 2019
massage for digestion

People who suffer from a variety of different ailments can get relief from rejuvenating massage therapy. This is an alternative treatment that has been proven to relax the body and reduce several kinds of pain. A soothing massage is also a great solution for symptoms of digestive disorders. Abdominal massage provides many healing benefits that can reduce abdominal muscle pain, help with weight loss, and ease constipation, gas, and bloating.

When you are constipated

If your body is unable to move waste through your system, it probably isn’t very comfortable. This can have a serious impact on your health too. Preventing future problems and reducing current issues can be done with an abdominal or stomach massage. The digestive system is stimulated by applying light pressure and circular hand movements to your stomach. This will increase circulation and blood flow, which can help get rid of your constipation.

When you experience bloating discomfort and flatulence

Two digestive issues that are closely related are bloating and flatulence, or passing gas. An excess amount of gas trapped inside your digestive system is most likely the cause of your bloating. These two issues might cause constipation and other more complex digestive disorders down the road. Massage therapy is a proven method that will help relieve excess gas and get rid of uncomfortable bloating. Improving your digestive health is as easy as scheduling regular massage appointments. You can also speak with your doctor about changing the foods you consume.

After you get abdominal tears and muscle strains

Tears or strains in your abdomen could change the functionality of your digestive system. These painful conditions are caused when you create a tear in your muscles from twisting your body or lifting heavy objects. A stomach massage reduces the pain by soothing and stretching the muscles. If you are experiencing this problem, make an appointment as soon as you can with your local massage therapist. Regular treatments can help you reduce pain and get your digestive function back on track.

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