Basics Massage Membership

At “Back to Basics” we believe that through regular massage our bodies experience a better sense of health and well being. Massage helps reduce stress and can relieve pain and discomfort. Improved range of motion, and better circulation in both the nervous and circulatory systems can greatly improve if massage is part of a regular routine. This is why we have created a monthly massage membership program. The “Basics’ Massage Membership” is designed to make regular massage both beneficial and affordable. As a member, you will receive great discounts to help you create a more healthy and active lifestyle. You can also get specialized massages that are tailored to your unique needs.
Official Massage and Acupuncture Therapy Studio for the

Amarillo Venom

Whether your goal is to relax, achieve better movement, reduce your pain levels, or optimize your health, we have exactly what you need. We’ve made it super easy to finally put yourself on your own calendar.

Massage Membership Benefits:

  • A customized massage every month (30 to 90 minute levels available)
  • Unlimited additional massages at the same low membership rate
  • No Membership fees
  • Unused massage sessions rollover
  • 10 % Add-on discounts
  • 10 % Retail discounts (including Gift Certificates)

Basics 30

30 minute Swedish Massage

3 month minimum agreement

Basics 60

60 minute Swedish Massage

3 month minimum agreement

Basics 90

90 minute Swedish Massage

3 month minimum agreement