How To Destress Before Bed

Tuesday, May 18th, 2021
woman destressing

After a long day, all you want to do is go to bed, right? But what happens when you can’t seem to let go of all of the stress from the day? Relaxing before bed is important to your ability to sleep. It helps you to get a better night of sleep without constantly waking up. 

Take a bath

Taking a bath is a perfect way to relax. You can start by lighting some candles and placing them around the edge of the tub. This helps to have light without it being overpowering. You can also play some soft music in the background to take your mind off of the day’s stress. You can use certain bubble baths and bath bombs that are infused with melatonin so that by the time you are ready to go to bed, you will be able to sleep better.

Drink chamomile tea

Camomile tea is the perfect aid in helping you sleep better during the night. It is infused with antioxidants that help with many diseases. Also, it aids sleep and digestion. The list could go on and on about the benefits of camomile tea, but we will let you learn more about it here

Do yoga

Doing yoga or any other form of stretching can help your muscles to relax before sleep. While doing yoga, you are able to focus more on your breathing and keeping it steady. This will help when you are about to sleep so that you aren’t trying to catch your breath. It will also give you a chance to really take your mind off of all of the events throughout the day. 


Not only has journaling been proven to help with mental health, but it also helps in relaxation before bed. This will help to give you an outlet to literally let everything out. It’s important for you to write down your thoughts and feelings and how you react to them. Doing this will help you understand how certain events happened the way they did and help you move on from them. Once you have journaled everything that you need to, you will be able to clear your mind and have a deep sleep. 

Want to add an extra level of relaxation?

A massage is a great way to relax and help you sleep better. If you are wanting a skilled massage by a licensed therapist, call us today at 806.322.3706 or book your appointment online today!