How Fibromyalgia Patients Can Benefit From Massage Therapy

Wednesday, September 12th, 2018
massage therapy can help with Fibromyalgia Symptoms

Fibromyalgia is a condition marked with fatigue, mood changes, memory problems, and chronic pain. Women are more likely to suffer from this disorder than men, and it is considered a manageable syndrome rather than a disease. It does not develop into joint or muscle damage, and is not life threatening, but it is painful and can be debilitating.

Massage therapy, one of the oldest types of healthcare still practiced, is known to be beneficial for fibromyalgia patients. Its techniques encourage blood circulation in the body and muscles, bringing nutrients to the massaged areas and helping the body detoxify. Those who suffer from fibromyalgia are able to enjoy relaxed muscles, improved range of motion, reduced heart rate, and a decrease in pain.

What to do before setting your first massage

You may want to do a some research before your first appointment. To find a local massage therapist, visit online databases or look on social media for highly reviewed practitioners. Some companies have nationwide locations and offer subscriptions which are honored at any location, although they may not be as personalized. Your healthcare provider may also be able to provide a referral for a massage therapist. You want to choose someone with experience with fibromyalgia patients.

What to expect at your first appointment

The massage therapist should talk with you for a little while at your first appointment. The two of you should discuss pain management, concerns, sensitivities, medical conditions, and anything else related to your fibromyalgia. Make sure they will be willing to stop treatment immediately if you ask them to. Massage has many benefits, but you need to talk about if and when to stop treatment if pain becomes an issue. After several massage sessions, you should experience more significant benefits.

How massage therapy helps with fibromyalgia

Each massage session should make you feel better, but the therapeutic benefits of this therapy increase when you use it frequently. The more sessions you have, the more your symptoms should decrease. The body’s natural pain killers, called endorphins, are released during massage therapy. This benefit helps people who suffer from pain, headaches, and soreness caused by fibromyalgia. Many people who suffer from fibromyalgia also wake up in the morning and are still tired. This therapy helps you relax, which should lead to better sleep as well.

Types of massage therapy used for fibromyalgia

Swedish massage, shiatsu, deep tissue massage, and hot stone are four of the most popular types of therapy for fibromyalgia. You can even use a combinations of treatments to help reduce symptoms. Five different kinds of strokes make up the basis of Swedish massage to reduce soreness, loosen joints, encourage blood flow to the heart, and increase relaxation. Shiatsu is popular in the US and originates from Japan. It involves a practitioner placing pressure on specific points on the body, then using continuous motions in a rhythmic pattern.

Deep tissue therapy focuses on the deep manipulation of muscles and tissues. Practitioners use this technique to address muscle tension and extreme soreness. However, this kind of massage can sometimes cause a person to have lingering soreness. The heat from hot stones help relax patients while therapists use other hands-on techniques to reduce stiffness.

Where to get a massage in Amarillo, Texas for your fibromyalgia

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