How Deep Tissue Massage Can Help Treat Muscle Injuries

Tuesday, August 4th, 2020
woman rubbing sore shoulder muscle

If your muscles are sore or injured, you know that the pain can get in the way of your daily activities. This is especially true for those who are physically active in sports or fitness activities. Along with other treatment options, deep tissue massage can help in the recovery process.

How does deep tissue massage work?

Massage therapists will use their knuckles, fingers, and sometimes elbows to reach specific, deeper layers of tissues and muscles. Their goal is to reduce tension and relax tight muscles. Deep tissue massage doesn’t always work immediately, so if you don’t feel a difference during your sessions, don’t be concerned. This therapy doesn’t just help in targeted areas, either, providing your entire body with relaxed muscles and decreased blood pressure.

How can this therapy help with injured muscles?

Massage therapists understand that injured muscles can be painful. Professionals will keep this in mind and listen to you and your body’s reactions to the pressure of deep tissue therapy. That being said, there is a “pain” reaction that is common to those receiving this therapy for injured muscles.

Somatoemotional release, or “good pain,” is caused when therapists release tension and pain from injuries and tense muscles, as well as negative emotions. Another type of tolerable pain results from putting pressure on tendons, ligaments, or fascia. This type of deep tissue massage isn’t necessarily targeted but can help with pain in general.

Types of deep tissue massage

There are some methods used in this therapy that produce different results. It is important to know these so you can discuss them with your massage therapist.

  • Cross fiber friction can feel rough at first but causes a release in muscle tension that you will feel relatively quickly.
  • The active release technique uses an in-depth examination to determine which muscles need the most help. The therapist will then focus on these areas to help them heal.
  • The muscle energy technique stretches out the muscles and tissues. It is used by massage therapists, sports massage specialists, and even some physical therapists. It is known to lessen restrictive edema and return muscles back to their normal elasticity and length.
  • Trigger point therapy is used to focus on specific muscle injuries and tension. You can experience its benefits after just one treatment.
  • Myofascial release is another focused method of deep tissue massage. This is a more gentle technique, so it can be good for more sensitive injuries.

What if deep tissue massage is too painful

If you start feeling lasting pain, or pain that doesn’t simply feel uncomfortable, stop your therapist. Examples of this include shooting pain and sensitivity to even the slightest pressure. Communication is vital if you want your deep tissue massage to be effective in healing your muscle injuries. If you are concerned, feel too much pain, or need more pressure, let your massage therapist know.

Deep tissue massage in Amarillo, Texas

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