Do You Have Spider Or Varicose Veins? Cupping Therapy Can Help!

Friday, March 23rd, 2018
cupping therapy benefits for spider veins and varicose veins

Varicose and spider veins are the raised marks and lines that appear on your legs as you grow older. If the look of the veins marking your skin bothers you, they can be removed or their appearance lessened through cosmetic means. Varicose veins are usually darker colored lines, while spider veins can be identified as lighter red marks. Both of these conditions can be treated using cupping therapy.

Why spider and varicose veins appear

These veins may occur for a variety of reasons, which include running, pregnancy, high impact aerobic exercise, aging, spending hours in the sun, obesity, and weight training. People who must spend 6 or more hours standing often experience this issue because too much pressure is applied to their legs. Women are more likely than men to have spider and varicose veins. The most likely time for the veins to appear are between the ages of 30 and 50.

Conventional treatment for spider and varicose veins

Laser treatments and injections are conventional ways that health practitioners remove these inconvenient vein marks on your skin. Treatment involves many trips back to the practitioner to completely get rid of the vein marks. Some people find these traditional methods to be painful. Time off work may be required for treatment and recovery with traditional treatments.

Cupping therapy as an alternative treatment

There should be no “down time” when you choose cupping therapy to treat varicose or spider veins. It is considered a far more effective and a safer method than conventional treatments. Practitioners use massage cupping, or gliding cupping, to treat these vein conditions.

The cups cause suction on the skin around the spider and varicose veins. This therapy works through that suction, drawing oxygen into the treated area, as well as fresh blood. The new oxygen and blood that come into that part of the body force away the old blood cells, which are deoxygenated. If you look, you will notice that the dark veins will lighten and swelling will be reduced. Your body eliminates the debris of old blood after cupping therapy.

What to expect with cupping therapy

It is important to know what to expect before going to your first cupping appointment. First, the practitioner will massage the area and possibly apply essential oils. They will place a silicone cup that is flexible on your skin. Then, the cupping therapist will squeeze the cup, which creates a vacuum that draws your skin and tissues into it. They will then move the cup across your skin in circular or zigzag motions.

Treatment begins at your ankles and moves upward so fluids and blood are pushed away from your problem veins. This therapy should eliminate the appearance of future spider veins as well as current ones. The affected areas are massaged for 10-15 minutes. If your veins are not too severe in appearance, you should start to notice them get lighter in color. Darker, larger, and deeper veins may need more than one treatment.

What cupping therapy feels like

You are unlikely to feel pain when you get cupping therapy. The sensation should feel comfortable and a little warm while the cup is moved over your skin. Make sure to drink plenty of fluids afterwards to help your body flush out debris and toxins released from your cells. If you choose this therapy for your varicose and spider veins, be sure you see a certified cupping therapist.

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