Cupping Therapy Can Help Relieve Congestion In Babies

Friday, May 5th, 2017
cupping therapy for congestion in babies

A combination of massage and cupping therapy can treat congestion in babies. This combination therapy can provide relief for your child and ease your worries. If you are considering this type of treatment to help with your baby’s congestion, you should understand how the cupping process works. Read on to learn more about how cupping therapy can help relieve your baby’s congestion.

What is cupping therapy?

Cupping dates back to 340 A.D., when animal horns served as cups. Today, cups are made of glass, rubber, or synthetic materials. Although the tools and techniques have changed, they still serve the same purpose – to alleviate medical issues, including respiratory difficulties. This therapy uses suction to draw tissues into the cups, breaking up stagnation in the blood, increasing blood flow, and alleviating a number of conditions.

How cupping therapy treats congestion

There are many types of cupping available for adults that involve different levels of suction, heat, and duration. Cupping therapy for babies is much simpler. A certified cupping therapist will place a cup against the baby’s back or chest and pull it away quickly. This process is repeated several times throughout the therapy session.

The small amount of suction will help pull fluid from the deep parts of the lungs and bring it closer to the surface, relieving congestion. This therapy can be combined with massage to encourage fluid movements and circulation. After treatment, many of the signs of congestion will fade away.

Professional cupping therapy in Amarillo, Texas

It is important to ensure that your baby sees a certified cupping therapist for treatment. Your child deserves the best care, and that care should only come from an experienced professional. With proper treatment, your child should be able to breathe freely without the discomfort that comes with congestion.

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