Common Causes Of Back Pain And Helpful Tips For Healing

Monday, May 20th, 2019

More than 80% of adults suffer from back pain at some point in their lives. Back pain is the most common job-related injury and considered a leading contributor of missed days of work. This pain does not discriminate, as both men and women are reported to suffer equally. Back pain can begin abruptly, immediately after lifting something, over time due to age-related spinal changes, and many other reasons.

There are several everyday activities that you perform without thinking. You sit at your desk, put your shoes on, crawl into bed, or even lift your child into their car seat, all without giving a thought to your back. What most people do not realize is an everyday activity can make or break your spinal health. The following are some of the most common causes of back pain.

Ignoring your core hurts more than your abs

Your core includes your pelvic, side, back, and buttock muscles which all work together with your abs. This area of your body is what allows you to rotate, stand straight, twist, and bend. It supports much of your movement. To help make your core stronger, you can perform planks, squats, or lunges to strengthen the muscle groups that support your back and spine.

Smoking affects your back

There is a lot of information provided by the media and health professionals concerning the health risks cigarettes cause to your heart and lungs. But, cigarettes harm more than just your lungs and heart. They play a significant role in the risk of recurring back problems. The nicotine found in cigarettes restricts blood flow to your disks and vertebrae, causing them to age more quickly and break down more easily. Quitting smoking is the solution to this restriction of your blood flow to your back.

Footwear can hurt your back

It has long been realized that wearing high heels is extremely hard on a person’s spine. Now, it is also understood that flats can also cause their share of trouble. When you continue to wear sandals, flats, flip-flops, or shoes without arch support, you are at risk of developing foot, knee, and back problems.

To help support your back, knees, and feet, it is best to alternate your style throughout the week. Change the style of your shoes from high to low or go from sandals to sneakers. You don’t want to wear a specific pair of shoes every day if it is not supporting your arches and heels.

Extended sitting and texting can cause back pain

The average person spends nine hours sitting in front of a screen, at their desk, or by their work station which strains the spine. Another bad habit is texting for extended periods as it develops pains and aches in your neck, shoulder, and back.

Whether you are sitting at the job for extended hours or someone who finds themselves continuously texting, you need to schedule breaks. While taking a break from sitting or texting, you should perform some neck exercises to stretch and strengthen those muscles. One exercise you can try is to hold your head for ten seconds while in the forward position, then repeat to the left, right, and back positions. Doing this five times a day will significantly improve the muscles in your neck.

Sleeping on your stomach affects your back

When you sleep on your stomach, you apply excess pressure to your muscles and joints. If you sleep on your side or back, you keep your spine neutral and elongated. If you have to sleep on your stomach, it would be better to put a thin pillow under your hip area to relieve pressure on your muscles, ligaments, and disks.

The firmness of your mattress plays a significant role in back pain. Studies show that if people suffering from chronic low-back pain sleep on a medium mattress, they experience fewer aches after three months.

Emotional stress hurts your back

Research has shown that those who suffer from back pain are more likely to be depressed. New studies are now showing the reverse may also be possible. People suffering depression are more prone to develop disabling neck and low-back pain. The reasoning behind this discovery is when you have poor coping skills related to depression, it causes the release of a stress hormone cortisol. This hormone is responsible for making the muscles in your shoulders and back tense, which results in chronic pain.

The key to helping reduce the risk of back pain related to depression would be to talk to your doctor about antidepressants. You can also try mood enhancers such as meditation, yoga, exercise, or deep breathing to help you ease stress and make your whole body feel better.

Massage for back pain

Massage therapy has been known to help alleviate many aches and pains. Sore, stiff muscles can be stretched back into their normal positions and tough knots can be removed. Massages are also relaxing, which increases good hormones and helps in both the short-term and long-term. Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, myofascial release, and even cupping or acupuncture therapy can help relieve pain.

Where to find relief for your back pain

If you suffer from pain in your back and need to find relief, contact the professionals at Back to Basics today. We offer a variety of services including Deep Tissue Massage, Swedish Massage, and Acupuncture. Give us a call at (806) 322-3706 or Contact Us via email to learn more. You can also stop by our studio at 3714 Olsen Blvd in Amarillo, Texas or Schedule an Appointment Online.