The Best Types Of Massage Therapy For Runners

Friday, June 16th, 2017
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There are over thirty varieties of massage therapy, so it can be confusing for some to find the best type for their unique situation. Massage therapy has been used to treat athletes, including runners, for years. Some methods are more beneficial for runners than others. If you are a runner looking to receive massage therapy, here are four of the best types to choose from.

Active release technique

Active release technique combines movement with deep pressure to help relieve muscle adhesion and reduce scar tissue. During the session, the massage therapist uses their hands to evaluate the tightness and mobility of your soft tissues. The therapist then breaks up any adhesions and moves the muscles. This technique is great for treating injuries, especially those where scar tissue has affected healing ability and movement.

Swedish massage

Swedish massage is the most well-known form of this therapy. People usually associate this method with relaxation and pampering. The benefits of this type of massage can help a runner before a big competition. The long, flowing strokes used in Swedish massage increase blood flow and release muscle tension. It is best to receive this therapy days before a big race or as a recovery tool after a hard workout.

Trigger point therapy

Trigger point therapy targets knotted muscles and areas of pain in the tissue. Your massage therapist will find any knots you may have and use deep pressure to help loosen them. Similar to the active release technique, trigger point therapy is a great way to treat injuries. You will benefit from this technique if you have a calf strain, hamstring injury, or IT band tightness.

Deep tissue massage

If you are a runner, you should consider getting deep tissue massages. Deep tissue massage is designed to target the superficial and deep layers of fascia and muscles. This therapy typically focuses on problem areas, but the therapist works the entire muscle, unlike trigger point therapy. Runners often have tight muscles, so deep tissue therapy is a great way to recuperate after intense periods of training.

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