The Best Accessories for Powerlifting: A Must-Have for Any Workout

If you’re serious about powerlifting, you’ll want a few extra accessories to help you lift more safely and effectively. These are the best ones we’ve found.

1 72″ Knee Wraps8.9Check Price
2 Raad Fitt Pull Up Assistance Bands8.7Check Price
3 Lifting Straps (2 Pairs/4 Straps) for Weightlifting/Cross Training/Workout/Gym/Powerlifting/Bodybuilding8.5Check Price
4 Wrist Wraps (1 Pair/2 Wraps)8.4Check Price
5 Wrist Wraps (2 Pairs/4 Wraps) for Weightlifting/Cross Training/Powerlifting7.8Check Price

Methods We Used to Analyze

We polled more than 100 powerlifters, coaches, and gym owners. We pored through online discussion forums, read powerlifting training manuals, and watched videos of weightlifters performing the snatch, clean and jerk, and squat.

In early December we took a poll to find out which equipment was preferred by powerlifters in several categories:

• Flat-footed squat shoes

• In-shoe wedges or lifts

• Wraps for knees or wrists

• Elbow sleeves

We separated the choices into three groups: beginner, intermediate/advanced, and elite.

To get a broader understanding of the gear used by beginners and intermediates (and what sells well), we looked at Amazon’s best-sellers lists for each category of equipment for sale on the site.

To eliminate bias as much as possible from our panel of experts—which included personal trainers with experience coaching both bodybuilders and powerlifters—we asked them a series of questions about each piece of gear they were using: What are your favorite pieces? What do you consider mandatory? We also asked how they felt about various types of gear that hadn’t been mentioned in our conversations so far—hand wraps, knee braces, belts. Afterward we eliminated any product that had no recommendations.

72″ Knee Wraps


 Mounting Dream TV Wall Mount

Our Thoughts

The GYMREAPERS Elite Knee Wraps are the best knee wraps we’ve tested. They’re 72 inches long (longer than most other wraps we tried), and they’re made of a high-quality elastic material with a strap for secure attachment.

Our testers found them easy to wrap, and they stayed in place throughout every exercise we tried. The wraps provided just enough compression to help us push more weight during our workouts.

We think these wraps are best for people who are just starting out with lifting, or those who are looking for a conservative boost in strength. But if you’re a serious lifter and you want to push your lifting limits, we suggest you look at our other picks.

Raad Fitt Pull Up Assistance Bands


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Our Thoughts

The Raadn FastGrip Pro Pull-Up Assist Bands offer a variety of exercises and equipment options, including pull-ups, exercise bands, mobility discs, and resistance bands.

They’re sturdy and well-made, and they come with a convenient storage bag. They’re also great for travel, as they pack down to a tiny circle that fits easily into a suitcase or backpack.

Our testers found them easy to use and helpful for advancement in their workouts, whether they were novice or experienced exercisers. The FastGrip Pro bands are a little more expensive than other brands, but they’re sturdy and high-quality.

Lifting Straps (2 Pairs/4 Straps) for Weightlifting/Cross Training/Workout/Gym/Powerlifting/Bodybuilding


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Our Thoughts

The Nordic Lifting Lifting Straps are the best option for those wanting a straightforward, reliable, and affordable option.

With their 1-size-fits-all design, they’re suitable for both men and women. The heavy-duty cotton construction has proven itself to be sturdy and long-lasting, and the company offers a 1-year, no-hassle replacement guarantee.

They’re also great for most styles of lifting, including Olympic lifting, CrossFit, and powerlifting.

However, they have a thick, stiff design that may not be the most comfortable for all users.

Wrist Wraps (1 Pair/2 Wraps)


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Our Thoughts

If you regularly lift heavy weights, wrist wraps are a great accessory to have on hand. They help absorb the impact of deadlifts, bench presses, and other exercises that put a lot of force on your wrists, allowing you to train longer and harder than you could otherwise.

We’ve tried several styles and brands of wrist wraps from different price ranges, and our current favorite is the Fitness Pro Gear Premium Strength Wraps. These wraps are made of a high-quality material that’s tough enough to last for years of heavy use.

They’re also one of the most affordable sets we’ve found, and they’re available in multiple colors and sizes, including extra-long wraps for taller people.

Wrist Wraps (2 Pairs/4 Wraps) for Weightlifting/Cross Training/Powerlifting


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Our Thoughts

We recommend Wrist Wraps by WODFittersⓇ. Wrist wraps allow you to lift more weight with less risk of injury. Because you’re lifting more, you’re more likely to gain more from your training.

A quality pair of wraps will protect your wrists from serious injury, especially during heavy workouts. They’re also useful for warm-ups and cool-downs, and for movements such as Olympic lifts and pull-ups.

WODFittersⓇ Wrist Wraps are made of a durable material, and one size fits most people. (The company also offers a two-pack that includes two different-sized wraps, so you can share with a friend or partner.)

We think these wraps will last you a long time, and the company offers a one-year, no-hassle replacement warranty. They’re also machine-washable, so they won’t get stinky if you want to wash them regularly.

Still Confused? No Worries! Go Through These to Decide Better

Many powerlifting accessories are the same as those used by other athletes, and we considered all of the following criteria for each:

Strength and Power Development

We wanted to determine whether a piece of equipment enhanced leg strength or upper-body strength. We looked at any available research on the subject and noted what lifters, coaches, and gym owners told us.

We also considered how easy it was to do an exercise with a particular accessory versus without it, how stable the accessory was during use, and whether any special skills were required (such as being able to squat efficiently in a belt).

A few items—the knee brace, the deadlift jack, and weight belts—were not expected to specifically improve strength but were included in our testing because they’re so commonly used by lifters.

Comfort During Long Sets

Powerlifters often perform multiple sets of challenging exercises such as deadlifts or back squats. We wanted to know whether any of these accessories made that process easier or more comfortable for people.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the best accessories for powerlifting?

There is no definitive answer to this question as different athletes will have different preferences and needs. However, some popular accessories for powerlifting include weightlifting belts, knee sleeves, and wrist wraps.

2. What accessories do powerlifters use?

Powerlifters typically use weight belts, knee wraps, and elbow wraps to help them lift more weight.

3. What are the top 5 accessories for powerlifting?

1. Powerlifting belt 2. Knee sleeves 3. Wrist wraps 4. Chalk 5. Headphones

4. What do powerlifters wear?

Powerlifters wear specialized clothing to help them lift more weight. This clothing usually includes a tight-fitting shirt and pants, as well as a weightlifting belt.

5. Is weight lifting shoes necessary?

There is no definitive answer to this question as weightlifting shoes are not necessary for everyone. However, for some people, weightlifting shoes can provide certain benefits that regular shoes cannot. For example, weightlifting shoes can provide more stability and support, which can be beneficial for those who are lifting heavier weights.

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