The Best Accessories for Your Polaris General

While the Polaris General isn’t the newest kid on the ATV block, it’s still a great choice for anyone who wants a capable machine without spending thousands of dollars. We’ve spent a year putting more than 300 miles on our General 1000 Crew and General 500 Crew, and we recommend the accessories we’ve found most useful for making the most of your time in the saddle.

1 Polaris Off Road Heater & Defrost Kit9.8Check Price
2 SuperATV Cab Enclosure Doors for Polaris General 1000/XP 10009.3Check Price
3 Polaris General 1000 BT Stereo Radio 4 6.5 Speakers9.2Check Price
4 Seizmik Framed Half/Upper Door Kit for Polaris General (v2) 2018+8.9Check Price
5 Kemimoto Ranger Bed Box7.9Check Price

How We Evaluated Each Product

We set out to find the best accessories for a number of different Polaris machines. We chose four machines—a general-use, midsize UTV; a side-by-side (SBX) utility vehicle; an all-terrain vehicle (ATV); and an ATV youth model—and asked our friends and family to borrow them.

We then took them on as many adventures as we could think of, from hunting and fishing trips to trail rides in the woods and off-road runs on a closed course.

Afterward, we used each machine almost daily for chores around the yard, like mowing the lawn or loading brush onto a trailer.

Out of all that abuse, here are the top products worth buying:


ENDURANCE -> For our testing, we ran these machines through their paces off road on trails near my house in northern Arizona with everything from mud pits to steep rock scrambles to deep sand holes—basically every type of terrain you might encounter in the desert Southwest.

Polaris Off Road Heater & Defrost Kit


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Product Review

The Polaris Heater and Defrost Kit is the best option for anyone who regularly uses their vehicle’s heater. It draws heat directly from the engine’s coolant and provides consistent, reliable heating.

The temperature can be adjusted by an analog knob, and a three-speed fan provides additional circulation. It’s a little more expensive than other heaters, but it’s a great choice for anyone who’s planning on keeping their vehicle for several years.

SuperATV Cab Enclosure Doors for Polaris General 1000/XP 1000


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Product Review

Our Polaris General 1000 Doors fit all General 1000, General 1000 EPS, General 1000 Long Track, and General 1000 X2 models from 2016 to 2020, including all versions of the XP 1000 and Long Track models.

Because most aftermarket roofs and windshields are compatible, you should have an easy time installing these doors on your machine. The kit includes all the necessary parts, including two side mirrors, needed to complete the job, and our customer support team is available if you encounter any problems.

We don’t recommend these doors for machines equipped with Rockford Fosgate rear speakers, as the speaker pods are positioned on the door panels and will interfere with the door’s operation.

Overall, our top pick, the SuperATV Polaris General Doors with Built-in Sliding Window, is a great choice for those who want the added security and protection of a fully enclosed Polaris General 1000 doors with a built-in sliding window. These Polaris General doors are built with 1/4-inch-thick polycarbonate, which is 250 times stronger than glass.

The frame is made of powder-coated 3/4-inch-thick square tube steel, and it’s secured with gas-powered struts. This enclosure also has a built-in sliding window that you can slide open or closed to control how much air you get.

All mounting hardware is included and is easy to install, and the latches are keyed so you can lock the doors. Our testers thought these Polaris Cab Ennclosures were well-built, and they appreciated that they were made in the USA.

Polaris General 1000 BT Stereo Radio 4 6.5 Speakers


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Product Review

If you don’t need a CD player and want to be able to play music through Bluetooth or a USB drive, the Polaris General 1000 BT Stereo Radio is a great choice. It has basic, functional buttons, and a few extra modern perks—like built-in Bluetooth and an AUX jack—but no CD player.

This radio comes with all the mounting and wiring hardware you’ll need to install it in your vehicle. It has a good-sounding, basic four-speaker setup. The sound quality is more than adequate, and it sounds better than other models we tested that cost twice as much. It’s also the least expensive radio we tested, and it can be shipped to you for free.

Seizmik Framed Half/Upper Door Kit for Polaris General (v2) 2018+


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Product Review

The Seizmik Framed Half/Upper Door Kit for Polaris General (v2) 2018+ has everything you need to install a soft-top-like panel over your Polaris General’s side windows.

It’s built to fit snugly into your vehicle’s door jamb, and the sturdy steel frames are designed and engineered to fit the variety of door profiles found in the Polaris General lineup.

The dual zippered window pulls provide multiple open positions for venting options, and the whole kit is quick and easy to install, requiring only minimal drilling.

Kemimoto Ranger Bed Box


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Product Review

The best way to make the most of your rangers’ spacious cargo bed is to outfit it with a bed box—a tough, water-resistant, lockable, and temperature-resistant storage compartment that can securely hold a variety of items.

We tested six boxes from four manufacturers and found that the Kemimoto Ranger Bed Box was the best overall. It offered the most storage space of the models we tested, and its low-density polyethylene (LDPE) shell was the strongest we tested.

It also had the best sealing performance, which should help protect the contents of the bed box from the elements. The Kemimoto is a little taller than the other boxes we tested and has a lid that must be opened at a fairly wide angle.

However, the box’s low height and narrow opening mean it’s easier to load and unload than taller boxes with a lid that opens wider. The Kemimoto is also the only box we tested that’s compatible with all 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023 Polaris General 1000, Rangers 500 570 900 1000 including XP.

Go Through These Factors Before Clicking “Add to Cart”

We used our years of riding experience, along with advice from a panel of experts and enthusiasts, to decide which accessories to test. Here are the criteria we used to determine which accessories to look at:


While weight isn’t a dealbreaker when it comes to accessories, it’s still something riders should consider.

Heavier accessories add extra loads that slow down your vehicle and reduce fuel efficiency. Lighter materials also mean less wear and tear on your engine. That said, while some items are extremely heavy—like an aluminum winch bumper or steel skidplates—there are plenty of lightweight options available for most upgrades.


There is no one-size-fits-all accessory for any ATV. Some modifications help improve performance; others help protect your machine. Decide what you want out of each piece before you buy.

For example, if you plan on riding in rocky terrain or through swamps, then skidplates would be a great addition since they protect your vulnerable underside from debris.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the best accessories for a Polaris?

The best accessories for a Polaris are a windshield, a roof, and a rearview mirror.

2. What accessories do I need for my Polaris?

You will need a helmet, goggles, and a chest protector.

3. What are the must have accessories for a Polaris?

There are a few must-have accessories for a Polaris. A helmet, goggles, and a jacket are all necessary for a safe and enjoyable ride.

4. What are the must have Polaris accessories?

There is no definitive answer to this question as there are a variety of Polaris accessories available on the market. However, some of the most popular Polaris accessories include: -Racks and cargo carriers: These accessories allow you to transport gear and equipment on your Polaris vehicle. -Windshields: Windshields provide protection from the wind and debris while riding. -Snow Plows: A snow plow can be a valuable accessory for those who live in cold climates, as it allows you to clear snow from your driveway and sidewalks. -Lights: Polaris vehicles are available with a variety of lighting options, including headlights, taillights, and spotlights.

5. What is the best Polaris accessories?

There is no definitive answer to this question since Polaris accessories vary in terms of their purpose and design. However, some of the most popular Polaris accessories include winches, plows, and ramps.

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