The Best Accessories for Your PC Gaming Setup

PC gaming is an expensive hobby. Even with basic components, it’s easy to spend several thousand dollars on a gaming PC, a gaming keyboard and mouse, a gaming headset, a gaming chair, and much, much more. And that doesn’t even cover the cost of games themselves. But if you’re going to spend a lot of money on a hobby, it should be as pleasurable as possible. To that end, we’ve put together a list of the best accessories to use while gaming. Whether you’re building a high-end gaming PC or just looking to upgrade a few key components, these are the things that will help you play your favorite games more comfortably and competently.

1 Bimormat RGB Mouse Pad LED Light Gaming Mouse Pad9.8Check Price
2 KAFRI 10W/7.5W Fast Charge RGB Headphone Stand9.7Check Price
3 Tilted Nation RGB Headset Stand and Gaming Headphone Stand9.7Check Price
4 Galaxy Space Gaming Mouse Pad9.6Check Price
5 Wireless Gaming Keyboard and Mouse9.5Check Price

Methods We Used to Analyze

After testing over a dozen gaming mice, we’ve concluded that the Logitech G502 Proteus Core is the best for most people. It has comfortable ergonomics and 11 programmable buttons, which is enough for most people to do everything from basic browsing to in-game macro setups.

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The best gaming PC accessories can take your setup from meh to magnificent. Some of our favorites include a big ultra-wide monitor, high-end speakers, and a comfy gaming chair—all of which can give your setup that extra edge against the competition.

The best computer accessories don’t just look good—they make you more productive or allow you to have more fun.

Bimormat RGB Mouse Pad LED Light Gaming Mouse Pad


 Mounting Dream TV Wall Mount

Our Verdict

The Bimormat RGB mouse pad is a great choice if you want your gaming accessories to look as good as they perform. Its RGB lighting adds a sense of style to your gaming setup, and its extra-large surface area provides ample room for both your mouse and your keyboard.

The smooth and waterproof surface offers a smooth glide for both laser and roller-ball mice, and the mouse pad’s Micro USB charging makes it a convenient accessory to have around.

It also has an ultra-thick natural rubber base, which provides a sturdy foundation—including on glass-surface desks—and an anti-slip grip that keeps it from sliding around.

KAFRI 10W/7.5W Fast Charge RGB Headphone Stand


 Mounting Dream TV Wall Mount

Our Verdict

If you want to add some RGB flair to your gaming setup, this headphone stand offers nine lighting effects with 16.8 million colors, and you can easily choose one with the built-in Touch switch. (The light show is extra eye candy for you, but it’s not a necessity.)

This headphone stand has a built-in Qi wireless charger, so your phone will be ready to pick up and go—no tangled wires or messy cables required. It’s compatible with most Apple and Android devices, including the latest models like the iPhone XS Max and the Samsung Galaxy S10.

The KAFRI is also one of the most affordable products we tested, and it’s backed by a two-year warranty. If it doesn’t work out for you, you can always return it to the manufacturer.

Tilted Nation RGB Headset Stand and Gaming Headphone Stand


 Mounting Dream TV Wall Mount

Our Verdict

The Tilted Nation RGB Headset Stand and Gaming Headphone Stand for Desk Display with Mouse Bungee Cord Holder is the perfect all-in-one accessory to add to your gaming station. It’s sturdy and easy to assemble (just plug and play), and it keeps your headphones safe, even during intense gaming.

It also adds a little flair to your space with its dynamic RGB lighting and sleek design. And it’s a great deal, considering it includes a 2-port USB 3.0 hub. The hub allows you to connect multiple devices, including headsets, keyboards, mice, external hard drives, and flash drives—and it provides up to 5GB data transfer speeds.

The mouse bungee holder on the headset stand fits any type of mouse cable and provides superior cable management, making your wired mouse feel like a wireless mouse.

Galaxy Space Gaming Mouse Pad


 Mounting Dream TV Wall Mount

Our Verdict

The Galaxy Space Gaming Mouse Pad is a great option for anyone who wants a big, smooth, and colorful mouse pad. It has a fine cloth surface that glides easily under a mouse, allowing for precise control and tracking.

Our testers preferred it over other mouse pads we’ve tried, and we think it’s the best option for gamers who need to move their mouse pad around regularly. It has a non-slip rubber base that won’t slide around on a desk, and it’s big enough to accommodate a full-sized keyboard.

In addition, it’s water-resistant, so it’ll be easier to clean than other mouse pads that are only splash-proof. The RGB illumination is also a nice touch, allowing you to choose from 10 colors and 4 lighting modes to help set the mood before a game.

Wireless Gaming Keyboard and Mouse


 Mounting Dream TV Wall Mount

Our Verdict

The Mionix Krone M600 II is a great all-around keyboard-and-mouse pair, with a sturdy, water-resistant build and a wireless design that eliminates the hassle of battery changes. The keyboard offers customization with three backlit colors that you can change with a quick press of the fn+del keys. It also has a removable hand rest, a game-style floating keycap design, two-color injection keycaps, and multimedia key combinations.

The M600 II is a sleek, minimalist design, with a mobile phone bracket that makes it easy to place your phone while you’re gaming. The mouse is similarly minimal: It has a unique, metal-like roller switch, three colors of changing LED lights, an adjustable four-speed DPI (800-1200-1600-2400), and a truly accurate positioning.

The mouse is designed for fingertip grip and has a smooth, well-rounded feel, and we found it easy to use for hours at a time. Overall, the Mionix Krone M600 II is an excellent choice for most PC gamers, offering a mix of performance, aesthetic design, and convenience.

Things to Keep in Mind

I researched top gaming accessories and manufacturers to see what was new, what had great user reviews, and which accessories were available from multiple sellers.

After researching all these accessories, I narrowed down our list to the following criteria:

Comfort And Usability

The accessory has to be comfortable and usable. If it’s not easy to use or painful to wear, it won’t be worth having. We looked at how well each accessory stayed in place while we played games and whether any discomfort or pain developed over long gaming sessions.

In-Game Use

The accessory should improve your in-game performance. It doesn’t have to make you a better player overall but should allow you to perform specific actions better or faster than without the accessory.

We looked at how well each accessory worked with different games by testing them with first-person shooters, multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) games, other popular PC games, and whichever titles we happened to be playing at the time of testing.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I make my gaming setup better?

There are a few things you can do to improve your gaming setup. First, make sure you have a good gaming monitor. This will ensure that you have a clear picture and that the graphics look their best. You should also have a good gaming headset to improve your audio. Finally, make sure you have a comfortable gaming chair to sit in.

2. What accessories do gamers use?

Gaming accessories can include anything from specialized controllers to headsets and eyewear.

3. Are gaming chairs worth it?

It depends on what you mean by “worth it.” Gaming chairs can be expensive, but they may be worth the investment if you spend a lot of time playing video games. They can provide you with comfort and support that may improve your gaming experience.

4. What is the best gaming chair brand?

There is no definitive answer to this question as different people have different preferences when it comes to gaming chairs. Some of the more popular brands include X-Rocker, AKRacing, and Vertagear, though there are many other reputable brands available. Ultimately, it is up to the individual to find the chair that feels most comfortable and suits their gaming needs.

5. What material should a gaming chair be made of?

There are a few different materials that gaming chairs can be made out of. The most common is cloth or mesh, which makes the chair breathable and comfortable. Other materials include leather and vinyl, which can be more durable but may not be as comfortable.

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