The Best Accessories for Your Minivan

If you’ve ever spent a weekend towing a car behind a minivan, you know that these vehicles aren’t exactly known for their towing prowess. So why would anyone in their right mind need to haul a car behind one? Because minivans are, of course, great for transporting groups of people and their stuff. For years, we’ve been researching, driving, and testing accessories for the top minivans, and we’ve discovered useful minivan accessories for everyone from toting toddlers to towing trailers.

1 Car Backseat Trunk Organizer9.8Check Price
2 Sign Depot Never Say Never with Minivan9.5Check Price
3 2Pack Large Size Super Elastic 42″ to 53″ Car Window Sunshades9.3Check Price
4 Lusso Gear Spill-Proof Car Trash Can8.7Check Price
5 TrunkCratePro Trunk Organizer Premium Multi Compartments8.3Check Price

How We Evaluated Each Product

We drove each family van at highway speeds, around town, and over curvy roads with a trailer. We calculated fuel economy with an EPA-approved test kit at an air-pollution station.

After we returned the vans to their dealerships, we measured cabin noise under a range of acceleration levels and road conditions using an SL30 sound-level meter set to A weighting.

Car Backseat Trunk Organizer


 Mounting Dream TV Wall Mount

Our Thoughts

If you’re looking for an organizer that will hold all of your essentials, including groceries, and still manage to free up space in your trunk, this is the one for you.

The Car Backseat Trunk Organizer’s multiple pockets and pouches provide ample storage for all of your daily car essentials, emergency equipment, tools, kids toys, baby supplies, pet supplies, sports gear, or groceries.

Unlike a traditional trunk organizer box, this car organizer doesn’t take up space on your trunk floor, either. It will help you clear out the clutter from your trunk and provides extra cargo storage space. The Car Backseat Trunk Organizer’s quality construction and materials make it a sturdy choice for any SUV, hatchback, crossover, minivan, MPV, station wagon, or Jeep.

It’s also easy to install and remove, so it’ll be a great accessory for any owner. And we’re including a great, easy-to-use trunk elastic hook & loop strap to match your hanging trunk organizer and help you to clear up your trunk floor.

Sign Depot Never Say Never with Minivan


 Mounting Dream TV Wall Mount

Our Thoughts

The Sign Depot Never Say Never with Minivan, 8″ x 3-3/4″ is a great choice for car owners who want a more subtle way to show their love for their family’s traveling machine.

This vinyl decal is cut with great precision, and the printing is good, too. It’s a cut above most other vehicle decals we’ve seen, but it’s also one of the most expensive ones, too.

If you’re not worried about a super-smooth finish on your car, then you should be happy with it. This is the best choice if you’re worried about the sticker’s durability, because it’s made from outdoor vinyl that won’t fade in the sun, and it’s UV-resistant, too.

It should stick securely to just about any surface, including glass. The company also provides detailed instructions on how to apply the decal, and its customer service team is quick to respond to emails.

2Pack Large Size Super Elastic 42″ to 53″ Car Window Sunshades


 Mounting Dream TV Wall Mount

Our Thoughts

The Super Elastic 42” to 53” Car Window Sunshades—2 Pack from iJDMTOY is the right choice of window sunshade for people who own an SUV, pickup, or bigger sedan.

It’s made of super elastic fabric and has a unique shape that allows it to be used on most large car windows. The shade comes in two pieces, a larger one that covers the majority of the window, and a smaller piece to cover the top half of the window.

It’s adjustable in terms of length and width, and it should fit most vehicles with a large front windshield, as long as the window height is between 25” and 34”, and the window width is between 39” and 52”.

It should fit most large SUVs, mini vans, and vans, but it should not be used on a vehicle with a sliding door. If your vehicle has a small front windshield and you don’t mind extra height, the Super Elastic 19” to 28” Car Window Sunshade—2 Pack from iJDMTOY, which covers the majority of the window but not the sides, should work well for you.

Both the larger and smaller pieces are the same size, so you don’t have to worry about the two pieces not matching. It’s made of a breathable stretch mesh material, so it won’t cause any discomfort for the occupants of the vehicle.

You can roll down the window, and the breeze from outside will still be able to come through, but the sun won’t be able to shine through. The mesh screen will help keep the cool air in the car, as well as offer privacy and protection from UV rays, heat, dust, and other airborne debris.

This car window sunshade mesh net screen is the best choice for outdoor car camping, keeping cooling in the car, offer privacy protection, basic car accessory for car trips.

It can effectively protect your children and pets from UV, heat, and dust, all year around. The noticeable heat reduction in cabin preventing dehydration of babies. The car window sunshade will help reduce the heat and glare from the sun, as well as provide privacy and UV protection.

The sunshades were easy to install, and we found them to be convenient to remove without damaging our test vehicle’s original structural components. Since the

Lusso Gear Spill-Proof Car Trash Can


 Mounting Dream TV Wall Mount

Our Thoughts

The Lusso Gear Car Trash Can is a large 2.5-gallon model that is foldable and fits in even the smallest cars, yet it’s substantial enough to hold a generous amount of garbage.

It comes with a removable liner that makes it easy to take out the trash without having to empty the entire car trash can. We like that the Lusso Gear trash can has a durable, waterproof liner that you can remove and replace without having to empty the entire thing.

The Lusso Gear car trash can also comes with a pair of bag hooks that you can use to secure it upright in a car or minivan, or you can simply use disposable trash bags that you can fill, tie, and toss through the hole at the top of the can.

And finally, the Lusso Gear car trash can comes with a flip-top lid as well as mesh side pockets and a large front zipper pocket for increased automobile storage. We think this car trash can is built to last a lifetime, and it comes with a lifetime warranty, too.

TrunkCratePro Trunk Organizer Premium Multi Compartments


 Mounting Dream TV Wall Mount

Our Thoughts

The TrunkCrate Pro (TC-Pro) is the best trunk organizer we tested because it’s ruggedly built and has more storage pockets than the other models we tried. It’s also easy to install and remove, and it folds down to the size of a briefcase when not in use.

The TC-Pro’s main compartment has a removable divider, as do its two side pockets, and it’s one of the only trunk organizers we tested that’s fully collapsible. It’s made of thick, sturdy Oxford polyester fabric, and it comes with a lifetime warranty.

We also like that it’s made in the USA, unlike many of the other models we tested, which are typically made in China.

If you don’t like the TC-Pro, we recommend looking at the other models we tested that scored high in our tests. All of the trunk organizers we tried shared similar features and design flaws, so the differences between them are relatively minimal.

Things to Keep in Mind

Even though we didn’t test accessories specifically, we did consider which kinds of accessories a lot of people would want for their minivans. Here’s the list of what we looked for when deciding what accessories to recommend:

Cargo Carriers

We considered roof racks and cargo baskets, keeping in mind that only some models will be compatible.

For roof-rack recommendations, we looked for products with good owner reviews, that are easy to install, and that don’t cost a fortune.

For cargo baskets, we sought out products with good owner reviews and a reasonable price. We also considered kayak carriers and bike mounts.


To find the best sunshades for minivans, we looked at customer reviews and noted whether they seemed positive or negative.

We also considered ease of installation (as noted in owner reviews) and overall aesthetic appeal.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the best accessories for a minivan?

There is no definitive answer to this question as it depends on personal preference. Some people may prefer to have a roof rack for carrying items, while others may prefer to have a DVD player for the kids.

2. What do you put in a minivan?

You can put a lot of things in a minivan, including passengers!

3. How do you decorate a minivan?

There is no one right way to decorate a minivan. Some people might choose to add stickers or decals, while others might add curtains or other accessories.

4. What color minivan goes with purple?

A purple minivan would match well with a dark purple.

5. How do you make a minivan look nicer?

One way to make a minivan look nicer is to add some aftermarket accessories, such as a spoiler, chrome trim, or a body kit. Another way to improve the look of a minivan is to give it a fresh coat of paint in a new color.

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