The Best Accessories for Your Macbook

If you’re the type of person who likes to add a personal touch to your technology, you’ll appreciate the hundreds of fun accessories available for your Mac. Choosing the best ones to suit your style isn’t easy, but we’ve tried scores of cases and keyboards, and we’re confident that you’ll like our picks. They’re well designed, well made, and a lot of fun.

1 SYNERLOGIC Mac OS (Monterey/Big Sur/Catalina/Mojave) Keyboard Shortcuts9.6Check Price
2 2PCS Trackpad Protector for 2020-2021 MacBook Air 13 Inch9.4Check Price
3 USB C Hub Adapter for MacBook Pro/Air M1 20208.7Check Price
4 USB C Adapter for MacBook Pro/Macbook Air M1 20208.5Check Price
5 USB C Hub Adapter for MacBook Pro 20207.9Check Price

Methods We Used to Analyze

There are hundreds of cases, screen protectors, and other accessories for Mac laptops. For this guide, we tested more than two dozen products in four categories: external batteries, protecting cases, wireless keyboards and mice, and stands.

A few years ago, I was in the market for a new laptop case. I wanted something thin and stylish that would double as a stand. But what I found were thick folio-style cases with no kickstands or rubberized bumpers to protect the corners from dings and scratches. Most were available only in black or another boring color—not at all like the colorful backpacks that many people use to carry around their laptops on campus or at the office.

I did find one slim option that had an integrated kickstand built into its cover: The SleeveCase ($30), which is essentially a neoprene slipcover with a built-in stand stitched into one corner.

SYNERLOGIC Mac OS (Monterey/Big Sur/Catalina/Mojave) Keyboard Shortcuts


 Mounting Dream TV Wall Mount

What Makes It a Smart Investment

The SYNERLOGIC Sticker can help Mac users learn new shortcuts, reference standard keyboard shortcuts in a pinch, and even create new keyboard shortcuts for complicated tasks. It also makes a great gift for someone you know who’s trying to learn how to use a Mac.

The SYNERLOGIC Sticker’s design makes it easier to learn shortcuts, since it places the most common shortcuts in front of you, where you can see them clearly. It also has a friendly reminder of the symbol for the Shift key, which you’ll need to press when using shortcut keys.

This keyboard sticker is a great value, since it’s made with high-quality vinyl, and it’s backed with a lifetime guarantee. The company that makes it has a great reputation for customer service, and our testers found it to be bubble-free and easy to apply.

The SYNERLOGIC Sticker works on any Mac keyboard with a M1, M2, or Intel CPU—even if your Mac has an 11- or 12-inch display. The shortcuts on this sticker work for MacOS versions Monterey, Big Sur, Catalina, Mojave, High Sierra, and El Capitan. The SYNERLOGIC Sticker is our top pick for Mac keyboard stickers. It’s easier to apply than most alternatives, and it’s made from a thicker, more durable vinyl than the competition. The SYNERLOGIC Sticker also comes with a lifetime guarantee, and it’s less expensive than most other options. We found the company’s customer service to be fast and reliable as well. Most importantly, the SYNERLOGIC Sticker was the most helpful in actually learning and using shortcuts. With this sticker, you can learn a lot of shortcuts quickly, because you can see them right in front of you. It’s also helpful to have reminders of the symbols for the Shift key, which you’ll need to press when using shortcut keys.

2PCS Trackpad Protector for 2020-2021 MacBook Air 13 Inch


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What Makes It a Smart Investment

We’ve tested many trackpad covers, and the Trackpad Protector for Macbook Air 13 Inch A2337 (M1) A2179 & A1932, 2 Pieces has been our favorite. In our tests, it was the easiest to apply and remove, and it didn’t leave a sticky residue on the trackpad.

The thin, clear plastic was also the slimmest we tested, so it didn’t impede our typing or clicking. It’s also the least expensive option we tested. The package includes two trackpad covers, one for each side of the trackpad.

USB C Hub Adapter for MacBook Pro/Air M1 2020


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What Makes It a Smart Investment

The Plugable USB-C Pro 3-Port Hub is our top pick for Mac users because it offers the most functionality for the least amount of money. It has three USB-A ports, one of which is a quick-charging USB-C port.

It supports SD, microSD, and TF cards, as well as USB-A devices such as mice and keyboards. The Mac-friendly design and macOS software make it easy to set up and use, and the sturdy, all-metal casing should stand up to years of use.

USB C Adapter for MacBook Pro/Macbook Air M1 2020


 Mounting Dream TV Wall Mount

What Makes It a Smart Investment

The SELORE USB-C Hub is the best choice for Macbook Pro and Macbook Air users who need a simple solution for connecting a couple of devices. The 100W Thunderbolt 3 port provides enough power for a 5K or 2x4K display, a hard drive, and multiple accessories—suchIt includes a USB 3.0 port, an SD card reader, and a TF card reader, and you can use it to connect a single USB device too. It’s also slim and has a sleek, anodized aluminum body that provides better heat dissipation.

If you have any problems about this Macbook air dongle, please feel free to let us know, we will help you solve it.

USB C Hub Adapter for MacBook Pro 2020


 Mounting Dream TV Wall Mount

What Makes It a Smart Investment

The 7-in-1 Macbook Pro Multiport Dongle from StarTech offers a wealth of connection options in an inexpensive, compact package.

It includes a 4K 30HZ HDMI port, two USB 3.0 ports, one Thunderbolt 3 port, one 100W USB C PD fast charging port, and an SD or TF card reader. It’s great for all 13- and 15-inch MacBook Pro models since 2016, as well as the latest versions of the MacBook Air.

This adapter is not suitable for wearing a protective case, and it won’t support Apple’s USB Super Drive.

If you need more ports, the LIONWEI Macbook Pro Air HDMI adapter is a more expensive option that offers a larger selection of ports. It enables you to mirror or extend the display of MacBook to a TV, monitor or projector with a resolution up to 4K UHD (3840 x 2160@ 30Hz) through the HDMI output port.

This high-performance USB-C adapter when you play games the screen without any millisecond delay. It is also support multiple display display mode.

The Macbook Pro 2XUSB C/Type C/Thunderbolt 3 Port from StarTech offers the most ports of all the dongles we tried, but it has a higher price tag. The Thunderbolt 3 port and HDMI port can be used simultaneously to mirror or extend the display of your laptop to your TV, monitor or projector.

It support dual monitors diaplay if you use the hdmi+TB3 port. Another usb c port is only for data transfer, speed usb 2.0. The Macbook USB Type C Adapter from StarTech adds extra 2 USB 3.0 ports for connecting multiple USB peripheral devices such as flash drive, hard drive, keyboard, mouse, printer, MP3 player and more.

The USB Type C hub could keep you away from the trouble of plugging and unplugging repeatedly, and it supports data transfer up to 5Gbps, Down compatible with USB A 2.0. The built-in SD and TF slots easily access files from universal SD card and Micro SD card, and it also support 2 cards reading simultaneously; This USB C SD card reader transfers data with the highest speed up to 104MB per second, capacity up to 2TB.

Support SDHC,MMC Micro,RS-MMC,SD Card,microSD,microSD

Considerations Before Making a Purchase

Apple’s standard one-year warranty doesn’t cover damage to your MacBook caused by accidents and mishaps. If you want to protect your laptop from all the things that can go wrong, you need to equip it with accessories.

We considered these criteria when choosing accessories for our most recent Macbook guides:

Protection From Damage

A case or sleeve should prevent direct impact to the body of your laptop. A screen protector, on the other hand, is designed primarily to prevent scratches and scrapes on your display—it won’t stop sudden impacts or large debris from cracking your screen.


Other considerations include whether a case adds significant bulk or weight and how much space it requires in a bag. Laptop sleeves are particularly portable but offer minimal protection; hard-shell cases offer better protection but take up more room.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the best accessories for MacBook?

There are many different accessories that can be used with a MacBook. Some of the most popular accessories include laptop cases, external hard drives, docking stations, and adapters.

2. What accessories do MacBook owners buy?

Some popular accessories for MacBook owners include laptop cases, laptop sleeves, external hard drives, USB flash drives, and memory cards.

3. What is the number one accessory for MacBook?

The number one accessory for MacBook is a charger.

4. What are the top 10 accessories for MacBook?

1. MacBook case 2. MacBook skin 3. MacBook charger 4. MacBook adapter 5. MacBook stand 6. MacBook keyboard 7. MacBook mouse 8. MacBook pro 9. MacBook air 10. MacBook retina

5. Are MacBook accessories worth it?

There are a lot of great MacBook accessories on the market, and some of them are definitely worth the investment. Others may not be worth the money, depending on your specific needs. Be sure to research the different options and find the best accessories for your own individual needs.

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