The Best Accessories for Kayak Fishing

If you’re a kayak angler, you know how important it is to have a stable, dry, and comfortable place to put all your gear. The accessories we list here will help you keep your fishing gear organized and accessible, and they’ll keep you comfortable and safe, too. We’ve chosen only the best kayak accessories, from fishing chairs and drink holders to rod holders and anchor systems, that will make your time on the water more enjoyable.

1 Huntury Kayak Paddle Holder9.7Check Price
2 Borogo Kayak Fishing Rod Holder9.1Check Price
3 YAKHACKER Multi-Functional Kayak Cup Holder8.7Check Price
4 6pcs Pack Fishing Lanyards Boating8.0Check Price
5 RAILBLAZA Rod Holder R with MiniPort Track Mount7.9Check Price

How We Tested

We use a variety of equipment in our kayak tests, from basic accessories like a fishing rod holder to complex electronics like fish-finding sonar.

We use many different styles of kayaks and fishing rods, so we can test the compatibility of both. We also test various types of tackle and lures so that we can judge how easy or difficult it is to catch a fish with a particular setup.

In addition, we take note of how each accessory affects the way the kayak handles in water. If an accessory changes the balance or tracking ability of the boat, we try to determine what effect that has on anglers’ ability to cast accurately and consistently.

Our testing environment is Oahu’s North Shore, an excellent place for kayak fishing because there are multiple deep-water channels crisscrossed by shallow reefs and ledges. Because this environment can be challenging for casting and catching fish, it’s a great place for us to test effectiveness.

Huntury Kayak Paddle Holder


 Mounting Dream TV Wall Mount

Our Thoughts

The Huntury Kayak Paddle Holder securely holds your paddle while you fish and frees up your hands to use a fishing pole. It can also hold a fish net or fishing pole that’s as big as your paddle.

The paddle clip is easy to install, too, and can be moved around if you want to put it somewhere else. The paddle clip is easier to use than a bungee strap and is more convenient to snag into and take off of your paddle than the strap.

Plus, it holds the paddle more securely than the strap does, so you’re less likely to lose your paddle. It’s also easier to install and remove than other paddle holders we’ve seen, since it doesn’t require drilling or screws. It’s a “plug and play” feature.

Borogo Kayak Fishing Rod Holder


 Mounting Dream TV Wall Mount

Our Thoughts

The Borogo Kayak Fishing Rod Holder, 2 Pack, is a great choice for anyone who regularly fishes from their kayak. The rod holders are made of high-quality PC+ABC materials, and they’re designed to be corrosion resistant and hard to damage.

They have a high-quality build and a smart design, and they’re the longest and widest rod holders we tested. They’re also the most versatile, with three screw holes that let you easily mount them to a flat surface or a kayak.

Our testers liked that they didn’t have to hold their rods, and they found the holders to be simple to install. The heads of the rod holders are designed to be dangled so that the rods don’t interfere with each other or the paddle.

The Borogo rod holders are the only ones we tested that have a 30-degree angle head, which helps to keep the rod from bumping against the side of the kayak.

We’ve found them to be sturdy and reliable in multiple years of testing and use, and we’ve heard from other fishermen who use them regularly that they’ve never had any issues with them. The Borogos come with a money-back guarantee, and they’re shipped free to your door.

YAKHACKER Multi-Functional Kayak Cup Holder


 Mounting Dream TV Wall Mount

Our Thoughts

The YAKHACKER Kayak Cup Holder is a great all-around accessory for any fishing kayak. It securely holds a variety of different-size beverage containers and almost anything else you might want to secure to it, and it’s easy to install and remove.

The cup holder is built with solid and thick plastic and forms a strong, secure fit on a kayak track without tipping or spilling when driving down the fishing.

Some other models we tested were difficult to install and remove, and they tilted and spilled drinks from the track no matter how hard we tried to secure them.

6pcs Pack Fishing Lanyards Boating


 Mounting Dream TV Wall Mount

Our Thoughts

The Dibbs Fishing Lanyards are the perfect accessory for kayak or boat anglers. Their Aluminium buckle is lightweight but durable, and the Stainless steel lantern ring is rust-resistant and can be used in saltwater or freshwater.

We found that this lanyard’s TPU (the material from which the lanyard is made) was tougher and more elastic than the other models we tested, and it should hold up better over time.

The lanyard’s ability to attach to other items, such as hooks, nets, or knives, allows you to secure equipment and prevent it from being lost overboard. This lanyard is longer than most at 8.86 inches, which should be enough room to secure any accessories.

When you’re done fishing, the lanyard quickly and easily folds down to 4.53 inches to fit easily in a pocket or on a belt loop. If you’re not completely satisfied with your Dibbs lanyard, the company’s generous return policy will cheerfully refund or replace it for you.

RAILBLAZA Rod Holder R with MiniPort Track Mount


 Mounting Dream TV Wall Mount

Our Thoughts

The RAILBLazA Rod Holder R is the best rod holder we tested because it’s built tough, rotating 360 degrees, and is easy to install. It’s lightweight but also built with fiberglass-reinforced plastic, and it has a rotating surface to keep your reel steady.

Our panel of kayak fishers thought the MiniPort was the easiest to use, too, since it’s compact and can be installed with zero tools. It works with any kayak track system, too.

Go Through These Factors Before Clicking “Add to Cart”

We looked for accessories and gear that will help you enjoy your time on the water, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced angler. Here’s what we focused on:

Fishing Accessories

We looked for accessories that let you catch more fish, be more comfortable while fishing, or otherwise improve your kayak-fishing experience.

That includes things like rod holders and paddle holsters that keep your gear secure, as well as tackle systems (that include multiple rods and reels) that make it easy to switch your setup from fishing for bass to catching stripers.

We also considered fish finders, which can help you locate schools of fish without having to ask around at the local bait shop. We didn’t focus exclusively on models designed specifically for kayakers, but those are certainly useful if your boat has a small cockpit and not much storage space.


We looked at every type of pocket available—many manufacturers offer a variety of storage options—and prioritized those with waterproof zippers over simple openings.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What do I need to start Kayak fishing?

In order to start kayak fishing, you will need a kayak, fishing gear, and a fishing license, if required in your state.

2. What is the best Kayak for fishing?

There is no definitive answer to this question as it depends on the individual’s needs and preferences. Some kayaks are designed specifically for fishing, while others can be adapted for this purpose. Ultimately, it is up to the individual to decide which kayak is best for them.

3. What gear do I need for kayak fishing?

You will need a kayak, paddle, life jacket, and fishing gear.

4. How do I start kayak fishing?

To start kayak fishing, you need to purchase a kayak, fishing gear, and a fishing license. Next, you need to learn how to use your gear and where to find fish. Finally, you need to practice your skills in a safe and controlled environment.

5. Is kayak fishing for everyone?

Kayak fishing is not for everyone. It takes some practice to be able to properly paddle and fish from a kayak. Some people also find it difficult to balance in a kayak.

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