The Best Accessories for Your New iPad Pro

The iPad Pro is a powerful, portable computer that can do almost anything a laptop can do. But it also has a lot of limitations, which is why we recommend getting a keyboard and a stylus to enhance your iPad Pro productivity. In this guide, we’ve chosen the best accessories that will boost your iPad Pro productivity.

1 BERSEM [2 PACK] Paperfeel Screen Protector9.4Check Price
2 ProCase iPad Pro 11 Case 2021 2020 20189.2Check Price
3 QHOHQ 2+2 Pack Tempered Glass Screen Protector for iPad Pro 11/ 2020 2nd & 2021 3rd9.0Check Price
4 KCT [2 PACK] Paperfeel Screen Protector9.0Check Price
5 ZryXal New iPad Pro 11 Inch Case 2021(3rd Gen)8.6Check Price

Our Methodology for Testing

I’ve spent 10 hours using each of these accessories, including the keyboard cases and our pick for the best stylus during my daily writing and note-taking sessions. In addition, I’ve used all of them to control various media while completing various tasks such as writing this guide, editing photos, and working on a video project with friends.

After that testing period was over, I closed up the accessories (or tossed them in the trash) to complete another week of testing where I used each accessory alone with the iPad Pro as my main computer—meaning I didn’t have any other keyboard or touchpad devices connected to the tablet. This allowed me to get a better feel for whether they were more comfortable than one another to use over long periods of time.

During this period, I also tested how easy it was to store and transport the accessories: did they fit easily into bags or slip into pockets? Did they stay attached to the iPad when we shoved them into backpacks? Could you detach them when needed?

As much as possible, we used both an 11-inch iPad Pro and a 12.9-inch model for our testing; any accessories that worked well with one size worked well with both sizes.

BERSEM [2 PACK] Paperfeel Screen Protector


 Mounting Dream TV Wall Mount

Product Review

If you want a screen protector that feels like paper but doesn’t get in the way of the Face ID or impede touch sensitivity, the Paperfeel 2nd Generation from BERSEM is the best option for you.

The Paperfeel’s matte finish is pleasant to work on and doesn’t create rainbow points or rainbow lines on the surface, which can cause headaches and eye fatigue.

It doesn’t interfere with the Face ID, either, ensuring all functions work perfectly. The company’s installation video and its clear instructions make the installation process easy enough for anyone to complete, and the edges of the film adhere well to the screen.

The Paperfeel is also the easiest screen protector we tried to apply, and it didn’t give us any bubbles, either. It’s also the only screen protector we tested that we’d feel comfortable using, because it doesn’t affect touch sensitivity.

ProCase iPad Pro 11 Case 2021 2020 2018


 Mounting Dream TV Wall Mount

Product Review

The ProCase Slim Hard Shell Case is our favorite iPad Pro 11 case because it’s the thinnest and lightest we tested, yet it still provides solid drop and scratch protection.

The frosted back panel lets you see the Apple logo through a favorite color, and the translucent material lets you see the Apple logo through a favorite color. It’s made of hard polycarbonate plastic, which is more durable than the softer plastic and suede-like fabric cases.

The ProCase’s tri-fold front cover folds down to two different typing angles, and the front flap secures magnetically, making it easier to open and close than our other picks.

The case is also easier to remove than our other picks, since it attaches and detaches with a magnetic closure.

However, because the ProCase doesn’t fully envelope the iPad’s screen, you may want to use a screen protector with it.

QHOHQ 2+2 Pack Tempered Glass Screen Protector for iPad Pro 11/ 2020 2nd & 2021 3rd


 Mounting Dream TV Wall Mount

Product Review

The QHOHQ Tempered Glass Screen Protector for iPad Pro 11 2020 2nd & 2021 3rd Generations (with Camera Lens Protector) is the best screen protector for most people because it’s easy to install, looks great, and is reasonably priced.

It’s made of ultra-thin, 0.33mm diamond-grade tempered glass that’s 99.99% transmittance, and it should maintain 99.99% touch sensitivity. The screen protector’s rounded edges should also help prevent it from chipping, as long as you don’t apply too much pressure to the screen.

The 2.5D design and ultra-clear, 9H hardness tempered glass ensure that you’ll be able to tap and swipe easily, and with 99.99% transparency, the screen will look great.

The AR (augmented reality) technology and night shooting function allow you to use your phone without worrying about bright flashes damaging your photos or videos.

Best of all, it’s available in multiple pack options, so you’ll be able to replace the screen protector multiple times over the life of your phone.

KCT [2 PACK] Paperfeel Screen Protector


 Mounting Dream TV Wall Mount

Product Review

With a high-quality film, Paperfeel is easy to install, and it works with Apple’s iPad Pro 11 Inch (2021&2020&2018 Models) / iPad Air 5 / iPad Air 4 (10.9 inch,2022&2020). It does a good job of keeping smudge and fingerprint smudges at bay, and it fits the Apple Pencil, too. It’s also easy to remove if you want to swap it out for another screen protector.

This screen protector is slightly more expensive than the competition, and it doesn’t have a way to apply it as easily as the others. But it’s thicker, so it should stay in place longer, and it’s made of a higher-quality film.

The only thing that may be a downside for some is that the Paperfeel screen protector is noticeably darker than the competition—but we found the dimming to be a plus, because it makes using the iPad Pro 11 Inch (2021&2020&2018 Models) / iPad Air 5 / iPad Air 4 (10.9 inch,2022&2020) in bright sunlight less fatiguing.

ZryXal New iPad Pro 11 Inch Case 2021(3rd Gen)


 Mounting Dream TV Wall Mount

Product Review

The Zryxal New iPad Pro 11 inch case 2021(3rd Gen)/2020(2nd Gen) with Pencil Holder,Smart iPad Case [Support Touch ID and Auto Wake/Sleep] with Auto 2nd Gen Pencil Charging (Midnight Green) is our favorite iPad Pro 11-inch case because it offers the best combination of design, features, and price we’ve seen.

It has a magnetic cover that securely keeps the case closed and also works with the Apple Pencil’s magnetic attachment and charging features.

The Zryxal case’s Apple Pencil holder is located higher up on the case than in most competitors’ cases, which makes it easier to grab the stylus when you need to use it.

Like most of the cases we tested, the Zryxal has a smart cover that supports auto wake/sleep, but it’s a little more expensive than the competition.

It’s also more bulky and lacks a built-in screen protector, which means it isn’t as protective against bumps or scratches.

But overall, we think it’s the best option for most users because it offers a wide variety of viewing angles and a design that looks professional and sleek.

Consider These Factors to Ensure Your Pick Checks All the Boxes

We use our own research, combined with customer reviews and comments, to choose accessories we think people will be interested in. To decide which accessories to test, we consider the following:

Support Apple Pencil

The best styluses should support Apple’s Pencil so you can take advantage of its pressure sensitivity and tilt support.

If the stylus doesn’t support Apple’s Pencil, it won’t be as good. Most styluses designed for iPads don’t support Apple Pencil because they can only offer single-nib precision rather than the multiple-nib performance of Apple’s stylus.

Predictive Palm Rejection

Apple Pencil has palm rejection technology that lets you rest your hand on the screen while drawing without grabbing or mistakenly interpreting your palm as an intended stroke.

That feature is easier to use if the stylus communicates with the iPad by Bluetooth instead of just relying on an iPad sensor.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What accessories does an IPad need?

An iPad needs a power adapter and a lightning cable to charge.

2. What do you put your IPad in?

You can put your iPad in a protective case or sleeve.

3. What bag do you take to the IPad?

The iPad bag.

4. What colour bag for IPad?

A blue bag for an iPad.

5. What is the best carrying case for IPad?

There is no definitive answer to this question as there are a variety of cases available on the market that suit different needs and preferences. Some people may prefer a carrying case that is slim and lightweight, while others may prefer one that is more protective and has more features.

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