Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese form of traditional medicine that manipulates the “qi,” or energy, of a patient during treatment to alleviate pain. Needles are placed along specific acupoints on the body to help relieve various symptoms. Because the needles are so small, about the size of a strand of hair, most patients do not feel them during treatment.

Before your session begins, our licensed acupuncturist will evaluate the balance of your qi, yin, and yang in order to help pinpoint which areas of the body should be focused on the most. Some common symptoms that can be treated by expert acupuncture services are pain, digestive disorders, PMS symptoms, sleep disorders, and stress and anxiety, among other health concerns. This therapy can also be used to help with smoking cessation.

Although acupuncture brings to mind inserting needles into the skin, there are many more modalities used in this therapy. For example, Moxabustion is a method that applies heat directly or indirectly to the skin by burning artemisia or mugwort during the acupuncture session. Auriculotherapy is another type of acupuncture that focuses solely on the ear or ears. The ears are seen as channels that can be used to treat symptoms throughout the body, so this can be a great way to begin receiving acupuncture therapy. Cupping therapy and massage can also be incorporated into your acupuncture session, depending on your needs and comfort levels.

Official Massage and Acupuncture Therapy Studio for the

Amarillo Venom
Acupuncture Treatment Prices:
  • 1.5 Hours New Patient Treatment. $95
    Includes: 30 Minutes Intake and 1 Hour Acupuncture Treatment
  • 1 Hour Returning Patient. $75
    Includes: 1 Hour Acupuncture Treatment
  • 30 Minutes Returning Patient. $50
    Includes: 30 Minutes Acupuncture Treatment
  • Consultation. $20
    Patients can book a consultation with out licensed acupuncturist to ask any
    question they may have. When the patient books a treatment, the $20
    consultation fee will go towards their booked acupuncture treatment.
  • First time patients must book one of the New Patient Treatments in order
    for the acupuncturist to get intake information done.

Acupuncture is a versatile and relaxing therapy that can be used for a variety of health conditions and symptoms. Book An Appointment with us today or call us at 806-322-3706 to find out more about how this therapy can help you.