Acupuncture Vs. Cupping Therapy: Which Is Best For You?

Wednesday, May 9th, 2018
find out if acupuncture or cupping therapy at back to basics in Amarillo, Texas is right for you

Alternative healing methods and therapies have grown in popularity over traditional western medicine over the years. The Mayo clinic has reported that at some time during their lives, about 40% of Americans have chosen these types of treatment. You may have many questions about acupuncture and cupping therapy if you are considering one of these techniques. The following can help you decide which is best for you.

The origins of acupuncture and cupping therapy

Ancient China is the location where both of these therapies originated. Acupuncture was created around 8,000 years ago and its foundations lie in the Dadaist theisms. Alternately, cupping therapy was developed 3,000 years ago.

At the foundation of traditional Chinese medicine is the belief that the body has a flow of natural energy coursing through it. This energy is called “chi” or “qi.” If it continues moving throughout your body, then you are healthy. Traditional belief says that channels called “meridians” direct this flow of this energy. Injuries and illness may create blockages in the flow and cause you to feel ill.

How these treatments work to help you heal

Acupuncture and cupping therapy remove blockages so that your energy flows again. During acupuncture, needles are inserted around meridian points that cause you pain or illness. The acupuncturist seeks to attract blood flow to these areas because the blood brings oxygen and nutrients to repair tissue damage and illness. The area being treated is cleansed by the lymph flow carrying away cell debris, toxins, and other waste.

Cupping is used to create suction on your skin above the tissue damage. This suction also brings blood to the area being treated and heals by taking away waste through lymph flow. The principle behind both treatments is similar: reduce inflammation and promote healing. A certified therapist will consider your symptoms carefully and may recommend both treatments. Acupuncture and cupping take about 30 minutes to perform.

How your practitioner performs cupping therapy

This therapy uses small cups that are made out of wood, animal horns, bamboo, or glass. A therapist may use medical grade glass or silicone cups to watch the condition of your skin. Sterilization of these two types of material is easier as well, so they are the most common. The therapist may choose to heat the cups before they are applied to your skin. Suction is then created over the points that need treatment.

There are many different types of cupping therapy that you can choose. Dry cupping focuses on the vacuum only, while massage cupping involves putting essential oils on your skin before applying the cups. The therapist may slice tiny cuts on your skin under the cups after several minutes of suction. The suction draws a little blood up into the cup with this method. When the cups are removed, an antiseptic ointment and bandages are applied until the cuts heal.

How acupuncture is practiced

Acupuncture therapy uses small, thin needles at specific points on the body. Choosing a licensed acupuncturist means they will have expert knowledge about the meridians and human anatomy. Using this knowledge and years of education, an acupuncturist puts the needles into stagnated areas with precision. You should feel a reduction in stress as blood flows to the areas where the needles are placed. Because the needles are so small, you should not feel any pain. If you need it, the practitioner can apply electrical impulses or heat to the needles.

Using a combination of cupping and acupuncture

Certain types of conditions will cause a therapist to call for both cupping and acupuncture. Needles will be applied first, and then the cups will be placed, creating suction. The dual benefits of both types of treatment promote quicker healing and blood flow.

Medical conditions these therapies can help treat

You can receive help with a variety medical issues with acupuncture and cupping therapy. These include skin health, poor digestion, anxiety, depression, physical injuries, musculoskeletal pain, flu, colds, bronchitis, and lymphatic system boosting. You should ask your doctor before receiving these therapies, especially if you are pregnant or have a blood disorder.

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