How Do Acupuncture Treatments Improve Your Health?

Monday, December 4th, 2017
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Acupuncture is a muscle stimulating medical practice that has been in existence for thousands of years. It was first used by in China, but is spreading in popularity across the globe with its proven success in treating different ailments. Doctors and scientists are finding acupuncture is an increasingly referable option for treating chronic pain, providing a modest difference in patient’s pain levels. There are a variety of stress-related symptoms and diseases that acupuncture can help treat as well.

How acupuncture works

Acupuncture treatment will stimulate certain points on your body by using needles to balance the flow of energy through small channels in your body. There are specific locations in your body that acupuncturists focus on during treatments. Target points typically occur where your nerves enter a muscle or where muscle joins a bone. The needles used are smaller than the typical needle used to draw blood. They are inserted into specific points depending on your symptoms.

A licensed acupuncturist will insert about ten to twenty needles and leave them in your body for a short time as your energy balances itself. Once the needles are removed, you can go about your regular routine for the day. However, it is essential to drink plenty of water after treatments to help with the detoxifying process.

Chronic pain improvement

There have been significant improvements recorded in patients using acupuncture to treat chronic pain in their knees, neck, and back. A study performed in 2012 focused on the effects of acupuncture when treating arthritis, chronic headaches, shoulder pain, and back and neck pains. Using a placebo control group in this study showed those who received the acupuncture treatments experienced significant improvement with their pain control.

Better recovery from cancer treatment side effects

Acupuncture is able to boost your immunity and improve the recovery process following cancer treatments. This therapy has been shown to prevent a decrease in healthy cells and enhance immunity platelet count. Chemotherapy treatment has many adverse side effects that acupuncture is able to counter as well, such as nausea. Studies are showing patients who receive acupuncture treatments during their treatment plan are reporting less pain and an improvement in quality of life.

Acupuncture reduces stress during pregnancy

Acupuncture has shown to reduce stress and balance hormones during pregnancy and labor. These treatments help to ease your anxiety and are a safe treatment option for many symptoms experienced during pregnancy. Acupuncture can also reduce the emotional and physical strain put on your body during pregnancy. This helps with depression, mood swings, and other mental symptoms that can occur after having a baby.

This therapy relieves migraines and headaches

Research is showing acupuncture is a valuable non-medication tool for patients suffering from chronic tension headaches. One study used placebo treatments against actual acupuncture where needles were placed strategically along the patient’s bodies. The group receiving treatment treatments experienced a significant reduction in their headache symptoms, but there was no change in the placebo group. Those receiving therapy reported having a decrease in their headache frequencies and the intensity of pain when they did have one.

Acupuncture treats insomnia

Acupuncture has shown to have a beneficial effect on insomnia symptoms. Patients who used this therapy with other alternative treatments like medications and herbal remedies experienced better results. One benefit they noticed was their acupuncture treatments had no adverse side effects.

Acupuncture is effective against cognitive decline

There is new information surfacing regarding the effectiveness of acupuncture in treating diseases of the brain, including Parkinson’s disease. This therapy has been shown to relieve age-related cognitive decline because it generates neural responses in the brain. Patients reported beneficial improvements with their tremors, handwriting abilities, sleeping, depression, anxiety, and pain.

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