Why Back to Basics?

I’ve never been one to blindly put faith in something that I didn’t fully understand, but, my back is bad, and I trust Laura, she said let’s try it, so I agreed. We’ve done both fire and normal cupping, and I must say, I’ve not had the level of tension melt away that I did from the fire cupping. Laura was absolutely masterful in her skilled manipulation of pressure and temperature to find “the sweet spot” to make the tense parts of my back dissolve. The next time we went for regular cupping…yes, I looked as if I’d tangled with a cephalopod, just like the Olympic athletes you saw pictures of, but, it was also a deep tissue massage without the pain, in which I laid there and relaxed peacefully. If you’re on the fence, get down from there and into Laura’s calendar. She’s absolutely fantastic with her hands, whether traditional massage, cupping, or even fire cupping, she can and will help you feel better and move easier. – D. Hyde

Oh my goodness!! Cupping! It is really amazing. It doesn’t hurt at all and if you start to feel tension, Laura knows exactly how to decrease that! I felt so amazing afterwards and the relief was lasting! I have had deep tissue massages before but man, the relief from cupping lasted much longer and happened in just one session! Laura is amazing and I would highly recommend her to anyone that is interested in cupping! I was very uneasy at first and a little skeptical but now I just keep wanting it! 🙂 – F. Walton

Cupping has been wonderful for both myself and my newborn daughter. Laura began cupping therapy with my daughter every other week when she was 6 weeks old, Brylee was having issues with her tummy and digestion, after our first session with her Brylee was less fussy and obviously didn’t have pain in her tummy like she had before cupping. I have suffered from migraines for years. After I had my daughter I had one for 9 days, the longest time by far is ever experienced. Laura and cupping saved the day, not only did it get rid of my migraine, I also didn’t have another for months! Laura you are awesome. Thank you so much! – S. Bonner

Monthly massages are so necessary! Robert has been my therapist for 16 years helping me deal with pain and stress. I call him “doctor Dan the fixit man” since he has literally solved my shoulder, back, hip and knee problems. – C. Newell

Laura was amazing! I had plantar fasciitis and low back pain for years. I have went to physical therapists, Dr’s etc. Her technique with cupping solved my issue in one session. I was looking at surgery and now I am back to running! Prices are very reasonable also! I am impressed! – jkfrancis777