9 Benefits That Cupping Therapy Can Give You

Tuesday, September 26th, 2017
cupping therapy in Amarillo, Texas

You have probably heard of a practice called cupping, but you may wonder why people receive this therapy. Cupping therapy is the process of warming small glass cups before placing them onto the skin. The cups are then pulled away from the body to relax and loosen muscles by promoting blood flow. This process can be viewed as the inverse of massage therapy. Rather than applying pressure to muscles, suction is used to pull the skin and muscles upward. If you have been interested in trying cupping therapy, here are nine benefits that you can expect.

Cupping provides pain relief

Cupping therapy is used to apply pressure to areas of swelling and various pain points in soft tissue. This can provide the tissue with important nutrients and oxygen by increasing blood flow. Cupping can release tissues that are deep in the body, ease stiffness, and relax tense muscles. Pressure, heat, suctioning, and sometimes needles are applied near the site of an injury. This placement allows energy to flow along channels, or meridians, and pass through the injury. Cupping has even showed positive effects when used to relieve cancer pain when compared to pharmaceutical drugs.

You can get relief from cold, cough, and allergy symptoms

Cupping can also be used to stimulate the lungs, which can clear out phlegm. Excessive phlegm in the lungs can lead to coughing. This therapy is able to speed up the healing process while you have a cold, cough, or allergy symptoms. Cupping can even boost your immune function by moving lymphatic fluid through the body.

You will feel more relaxed

Simply lying still and allowing your certified cupping therapist to apply this therapy can have positive effects on your health. Cupping is similar to receiving a deep tissue massage in the sense that it offers muscle relief. Cupping therapy helps to lift pressure from tense muscles, which provides a soothing experience. When combined with lying still in a quiet environment, the process can be extremely relaxing.

Cupping therapy can detoxify your body

Having poor circulation can lead to a buildup of toxins inside of your body’s tissues. This buildup may be the cause of several different health problems and conditions. Cupping can help clear out dead cells, toxins, and other debris by rushing blood to the sites being treated. It is beneficial to drink water after a cupping session to help flush away the impurities and promote better health.

Cupping can induce inflammation to heal injuries

Inflammation is the body’s natural defense mechanism against injuries and illness. Inflammation works by flooding the injured muscle with blood, nutrients, platelets, white blood cells, and fibroblast to help the healing process. Cupping therapy can work in a similar way by drawing blood to the area being treated to heal knots and adhesions.

Skin conditions can be improved with this therapy

Cupping is also used to reduce skin inflammation, eliminate acne and eczema, lessen herpes breakouts, and break up cellulite. This therapy is based on a belief that disease is caused by a blockage of positive energy trying to flow through the body’s meridians. When this blockage is removed, it allows the body to heal itself.

You can get relief from digestive disorders

Tension, stress, and anxiety are all passed on to organs throughout the body, including the digestive organs of your body. Because of this, things start to congest, resulting in bloating and constipation. Cupping therapy can help to release this stagnation, returning your body to a natural flow. Cupping is also effective for diarrhea, water retention, gastritis, stomach cramps, loss of appetite, and a few gastrointestinal diseases.

Cupping provides anti-aging benefits

This therapy offers anti-aging effects such as prevention of wrinkles. Cupping brings more nutrients to the skin, which gives your skin a younger, glowing appearance. The lifting motion associated with the suctioning can also help to reduce visible fine lines. Cupping can even go so far as to lessen the appearance of injury or acne scarring. Stimulation of connecting tissues under facial skin helps to reduce laugh and smile lines and help with puffiness.

This therapy can treat carpal tunnel syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a progressive, painful condition that interferes with the sensation and strength of your hands. In some cases, this condition can even decrease the functionality of your hands. Cupping can provide temporary pain relief from carpal tunnel syndrome.

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