7 Things To Know About Your First Acupuncture Appointment

Tuesday, October 31st, 2017
What you should know about your first acupuncture appointment with back to basics massage studio

Acupuncture has a long history of helping people with a variety of medical issues and relaxation needs. For those who have never tried it, the process can seem a little unnerving, but there is no need to worry. A well-trained and experienced professional will put you at ease before and during your appointment. Here are some things you should expect from your first acupuncture appointment.

Dress in simple, comfortable clothing

Most acupuncture points are on the abdomen, legs, feet, and ears, so you will want to wear comfortable, loose clothing. Many treatments can be done while you remain clothed, but depending on what you need, your acupuncturist may ask you to disrobe. If that makes you uncomfortable, be sure to mention it so your acupuncturist can plan accordingly.

Bring detailed health information

Acupuncture is a holistic practice and the best results come from the best information. You will want to bring a comprehensive list of all medicines you take, including supplements, herbs, essential oils, and pain relievers. You should also have a record of your health history. Women should bring their menstrual history, and everyone should be ready to discuss things like stress, digestion, sexual function, and more. This is not meant to make you feel embarrassed, but to give your acupuncturist a solid foundation with which to help you feel your best.

Be prepared for the length of your first appointment

Expect your first acupuncture appointment to take over an hour. You’ll have a lot to discuss with your practitioner, and they will want to be thorough and address all your needs. You will get a comprehensive examination before any acupuncture happens so that your practitioner knows exactly how to help you. You will discuss your history and chief complaint as well as the different options available to you. Some of the questions the acupuncturist will ask may surprise you, but being honest will help your practitioner help you.

Your pulse points will be measured

The basis of acupuncture is your energy, or qi. By measuring pulse points along the body, your acupuncturist can determine where your body is out of balance and what steps will correct it. Wherever your qi is low or off-kilter is where the treatment will begin. Your practitioner may also look at your tongue, which is a strong indicator of your body’s health. Be sure not to brush or scrape your tongue before your treatment, and don’t drink anything colored, like coffee or smoothies. These drinks can coat the tongue and make accurate diagnosis more difficult.

How acupuncture is done

The actual process of acupuncture is generally painless. Your acupuncturist will swab the areas with alcohol first and gently insert each needle. You may feel a slight pinch at first, but that will soon fade. If you ever feel uncomfortable, don’t hesitate to let your acupuncturist know. This treatment should relax you and help you heal, not cause distress. After all the needles are in place, you will be allowed to rest for about half an hour to let them do their work.

Acupuncture stimulates the body’s qi, often releasing blockages and improving normal function. This process will get your bodily systems flowing properly. It is normal to experience that proper flow as an outpouring of emotion. You have probably stretched and felt a strong sense of relief from doing so. Depending on how long it’s been since you had that relief, you may be startled by how it feels. Just breathe deeply and let the healing begin.

Finishing up your first acupuncture treatment

When the treatment is done, your practitioner will remove the needles so you can sit up. Take your time doing so. Although it may not seem like it, your body experiences a realignment during acupuncture. Sitting up too quickly may make you feel dizzy or light headed. You can drink some water or eat a small snack to help with any unsettling sensations. As always, talk to your acupuncturist about what you are experiencing so they can take appropriate action.

Follow-through with more treatments

One acupuncture treatment is seldom enough to fully restore your health, so your acupuncturist will discuss several things with you. Not only will they schedule your next appointment, but they will talk about supplements, at-home techniques like stretching and breathing, and mindful rest. If your next appointment is far off, they may want you to check in with a quick update. You are encouraged to call your acupuncturist if you have any questions.

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