7 Qualities To Look For When Choosing An Acupuncturist

Friday, November 10th, 2017
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Your desired outcome from acupuncture hinges on several things that include finding the best acupuncturist. This therapy involves more than having several needles poking into your body. It involves a holistic view of health that treats the spirit, emotions, body, and mind. Combining this treatment with other positive life choices increases your overall health and happiness.

Before you choose one, you should ask each acupuncturist about their training and certifications. Next, consider their fees and if your insurance is accepted or will reimburse you for some of the costs. A good acupuncturist will be attuned to your verbal and nonverbal communication, so watch for theirs as well. Here are seven other qualities to look for in an acupuncturist that show their ability to help you achieve the best results.

They practice deep listening

Traditional methods of needle placement may not be the best way to treat a patient. A good acupuncturist will treat you as an individual with unique needs. They will use acupuncture as a tool to get you back to optimum health. A caring heart, the ability to form a good relationship with you, clinical skill, and knowledge are all things that a good acupuncturist will possess. Deep listening, which is another term for being fully present and focused on the person in need, can be accomplished using all of these traits.

Communication is clear and concise

As a traditional doctor should have a good bedside manner, so should an acupuncturist. They should begin by listening to you carefully about what is really bothering you. The acupuncturist should then translate that into how treatments will work with other medical needs you have. A professional will go over length of treatments and discuss any temporary discomfort you might experience as well.

They combine the practices of Western and alternative medicine

Eastern culture accepts acupuncture as a valid medical treatment. It may be foreign to those in the Western world, because they are used to a different way. The expectation of treatments, surgeries, and prescriptions is different from any holistic approach. However, an effective acupuncturist can do their treatments alongside traditional medicinal practices to help alleviate a particular patient’s issues.

The acupuncturist has expertise and experience

Expertise and experience mean more than having a medical textbook memorized. Both of these traits represent a wealth of knowledge regarding the treatment of health conditions, time management, and real life experiences. Some acupuncturists are generalists and can provide treatment for several ailments, while others specialize the way that medical doctors do.

They ask you questions

When a patient comes in with a complaint, they are usually focusing on a symptom of what is really going on in their body. A good acupuncturist will ask questions to get to the root of the problem. They will also make sure you are comfortable throughout your treatment program.

Their office makes you feel comfortable

Explaining acupuncture involves a discussion of the concept of Qi, an energy that flows throughout the body. Factors outside the body can affect that flow of that energy, including where your acupuncturist practices. Trusting your healthcare provider is essential to the effectiveness of treatment and the ability of that energy to return to proper flow. A question you might ask yourself is if the office feels peaceful and safe. If it doesn’t, that acupuncturist may not be right for you.

They are willing to work with you

You cannot look to your acupuncturist to fix your every complaint without being willing to take responsibility for your own health. You should be willing to commit to living a healthy lifestyle and taking an active role in your own healing. This may involve taking herbs, following treatments, and changing unhealthy lifestyle habits like smoking or drinking.

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