How The 5 Steps Of Swedish Massage Can Help You Heal

Wednesday, March 7th, 2018
massage therapy benefits your health

Massage is one of the most beneficial and relaxing treatments you can receive and there are many different techniques used in this therapy. It is important to understand them so you can get the proper treatment for your specific needs.

Swedish massage uses firm pressure on your muscles with long, gliding strokes. This therapy is also called the Classic Massage in many areas of the world. The steps used in this style of therapy will relieve physical stress, as well as emotional stress. You can use Swedish massage for therapeutic and medical reasons to enhance your physical or emotional health.


Those who receive Swedish massage treatment are reported to experience enhanced flexibility and improved blood circulation. The Petrissage technique consists of kneading your muscles to reach deeper tissues. Using their knuckles and thumbs, the massage therapist will knead and squeeze your muscles in preparation for the next step, called tapotement.


This method uses a consistent rhythmic tapping and is sometimes called the Rhythmic Tapping Technique. Your massage therapist will use their fists to loosen, relax, and manipulate your muscles in order to re-energize them. The therapist may also use the sides of their hands for this step.


The friction movement is used to create heat to relax your muscles. The therapist will either rub their hands together quickly or rub them on your skin to generate heat. Swedish massage therapists like to use this step as a warm-up for your muscles when they are going to perform a deeper massage.


The Effleurage technique consists of your therapist gliding and sliding their hands over different areas of your body. They will use long, sweeping motions and apply both light and firm pressure with either the palm of their hands or their fingertips. This Swedish massage technique is used to break up the tension and knots in your muscles.


To loosen your muscles, your therapist will use a shaking or vibrating motion with their fingertips or the heel of their hand. Your muscles will literally be vibrated loose through back and forth motions. This technique is great for relaxing muscles and alleviating stiffness. Your therapist may also use the sides of their hands to shake or vibrate your tissues into a relaxed state.

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