5 Reasons Teachers Need A Massage

Wednesday, September 15th, 2021
woman teacher standing at the white board

It’s the beginning of the school year and teachers are finding their way back into a routine. From the weeks of planning their curriculum to decorating their classrooms, they have a full load. If you aren’t a teacher, you may not realize all of the responsibilities (and chaos!) that this role entails. Here are some reasons why you should gift your teachers with a massage this year. 

1. Children can be difficult sometimes

We like to think that we send our children off to school as little angels. But sometimes, they don’t always behave that way once they are in class. While this isn’t true for every child, there is typically one student that likes to cause problems. It may not be an everyday occurrence, but teachers have to put up with a lot throughout the school day. 

2. They spend the day standing

Teachers spend the whole day standing at the front of the classroom. Even if they are able to get a few minutes in of sitting down, the act of standing can wreak havoc on certain areas of their body. 

3. Early mornings

We may not realize it, but teachers start the day out pretty early. They wake up before the sun rises to make sure that they make it to school on time. Some teachers even offer tutoring sessions before classes start. 

4. Late nights

We know that teachers are at school early daily, but did you know that they can spend hours after school working on school-related activities? These activities could include decorating their classroom, creating new curriculums, or grading papers. While they may not be in the classroom, they are always spending their time thinking of ways to make the next day perfect for their students. 

5. Just because

If these reasons aren’t enough to treat your teacher with a massage, then here is one more. They deserve it. They spend countless hours working with students to ensure that they get the best education possible. They want to make their experience in class the best that they can. So, gift your teacher with a massage. They will forever be grateful to you. 

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