4 Questions About Massage Therapy And Spinal Pain

Monday, September 28th, 2020
person with grey streaked hair getting a massage

Spinal pain can be caused by a variety of conditions and can be difficult to deal with. With proper treatment, it doesn’t have to run your life. Your doctor may prescribe pain medication, send you to a chiropractor or specialist, and even suggest massage therapy. If you are curious about getting massage therapy for your spinal pain, here is some information that could help.

Does it matter where I get massage therapy?

The location isn’t as important as the therapist who is giving you a massage. However, it can indicate that a therapist works within a specialty. For example, chiropractors often hire therapists to work in their clinical offices. Also, some alternative treatment studios offer specialties that help specific issues like sports injuries. Sometimes getting a massage for back pain can simply help you relax, in which case a spa may be the right choice for you.

Should I tell my spine specialist I want to try this therapy?

You absolutely should tell your doctor about your interest in massage! There isn’t a lot of communication between healthcare and massage professionals. You will need to be sure you have all the needed records to share between the two. This will help you make sure that all your treatment plans are aligned.

How much massage is needed to treat my spinal pain?

There is no one answer to this question because everyone is different. Massage therapy focuses on your muscles and tissues in groups. This means that it could take many sessions to get your pain levels to decrease. The pain took years to build up to intolerable levels, so it won’t be fixed in a one-hour session. Set goals with your therapist and doctors to stay on track.

How does massage therapy help with medical conditions of the spine?

You may be wondering how this therapy can help with a health condition. Although it is an alternative treatment, many studies have proven the benefits of massage for a variety of conditions. This includes stomach issues, sports injuries, sciatica, and spinal problems like ankylosing spondylitis (AS).

Massage helps to relax muscles and get rid of stiffness and tension. When it comes to conditions like AS, which is a type of arthritis, your therapist should take care not to cause inflammation. Heat can help reduce pain and stiffness, while cold can help reduce inflammation. One thing to keep in mind is that massage may not work for everyone with AS, or other spinal conditions. That’s why it is important to speak with your doctor(s).

Looking for massage therapy in Amarillo, Texas?

If you would like to try massage to help with your spinal pain, be sure to talk to your doctor first. Then, call the professionals at Back To Basics Massage Studio. We can help with a number of conditions and offer a variety of Services to help reduce your pain. You can reach us by calling (806) 322-3706 or Sending Us an email.