3 Of The Best Ways To Help Treat Sciatica Pain

Friday, October 26th, 2018
how massage can help treat sciatica

Many people have back pain and sciatica, a condition that happens when the longest and biggest nerve is irritated or inflamed. Your spinal cord has several nerve roots that go through holes in your sacrum and combine with the sciatic nerve.

Symptoms of sciatica include numbness, pain, or tingling that runs down the nerve pathways. The discomfort usually begins in your buttocks and runs down the back side of your leg to the hamstrings, the back of your knee, and down your calf. Sometimes the pain even extends all the way to they outside of your foot. It is important for anyone suffering from this condition to understand its causes and how to treat it.

Causes of sciatic pain

Many conditions can cause sciatica, including Piriformis syndrome. When your piriformis muscle tightens too much, it can irritate and compress your sciatic nerve. Cyclists, runners, and people who have the habit of standing with their toes turned out are most likely to develop piriformis syndrome.

If you have a bulging or herniated lumbar intervertebral disc, you are likely to have sciatic pain. This happens when the disc compresses one of your nerve roots before it joins your sciatic nerve. Uterus pressure during pregnancy, lumbosacral spine osteoarthritis, and a dislocated hip can also cause sciatic nerve pain.

Using personal training to treat sciatica

If you have severe pain, personal trainers will recommend that you only do light stretching and exercises. Most trainers will suggest moving on to strength training once the pain lessens. You need to strengthen your back muscles and core muscles if you have a herniated or bulging disc in your lumbosacral area. Doing this will take extra pressure and strain off your lower back. You may also need to work out the piriformis and gluteal muscles for added support. The tendency is for tight muscles to weaken, so the stronger your muscles are, the more they can support your body.

Treating sciatica with massage

If you try massage to treat your sciatic pain, you might be surprised by the benefits. This therapy decreases irritation in the neural pathway and loosens muscle fibers that surround the sciatic nerve. Pressure is relieved when you loosen the piriformis and other muscles. Once muscles are relaxed, the nerve then gets the space it needs to re-stabilize and calm down.

Massage is also used to prevent chronic sciatica, especially for pregnant woman in the third trimester, cyclists, and runners. Another function that massage therapy performs is to increase blood flow, which speeds up the healing process in the areas affected by pain.

Relieving sciatic pain through cupping and acupuncture

Cupping, needles, and acupuncture may all be used to create suction or vibration to assist the body in detoxifying and healing itself. Cupping and acupuncture therapy increase blood flow, relieve pressure on the sciatic nerve, and relax your muscles.

After cupping, your practitioner may then use needling in the local area or farther away. If electro-acupuncture is used, you will feel a vibration down the length of a needle. This technique releases your body’s endorphins to ease pain by shutting down your natural pain response.

Cupping and acupuncture in Amarillo,Texas

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