1st Acupuncture Treatment? 10 Facts You Should Know!

Friday, December 29th, 2017
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Many first time patients do not know what to expect at their first acupuncture treatment. This therapy is becoming a mainstream complementary treatment or alternative to western medicine. There are a variety of techniques and types of acupuncture practiced by licensed professionals. However, they all are likely to agree with the following ten basic tips.

Pain is not the only ailment treated by acupuncture

If you are sick, do not cancel your acupuncture treatment. Many people do not know that the common cold, stomach problems, and viruses may be helped by acupuncture. The World Health Organization says acupuncture is helpful for these problems, as well as emotional and mental stress, skin diseases, teeth issues, and neurological disorders. This therapy can also help treat pain associated with childbirth, and treat infections and gout.

Do not go to your treatment without eating

A full meal is not necessary before your acupuncture treatment, but you should at least have a small amount of food a few hours beforehand. Your body will have enough energy to get the maximum benefit from the acupuncture treatment if you follow this advice. It is possible to feel lightheaded, dizzy, or even pass out if you go on an empty stomach.

You might not need to remove clothing for your treatment

Acupuncturists recommend that you wear loose clothing to your appointment. This makes it easy for you to push sleeves and pant legs up to expose skin. The practitioner may also drape a sheet or towel over you so that you only have small sections of skin exposed.

Your pulse may be taken and you may need to show your tongue

There are ways that acupuncturists can find out the state of your internal organs. These include taking your pulse, examining your tongue, and pushing on your abdomen. These techniques are similar to reflexology on your hands and feet.

Expect to be asked embarrassing questions

Your practitioner is likely to ask you many questions about your lifestyle and health. These questions are often regarding things like bowel movements, menstruation, and urination. The best diagnosis comes from the most details, so you should give your acupuncturist as much information as possible.

Acupuncture needles are thin

If you are nervous about the needles, keep in mind that they are only the width of two or three strands of hair. These tools are also very flexible. You may be surprised at how little you feel when they are inserted and when they are in place. Sometimes, patients at acupuncture clinics even fall asleep.

Needles are not reused by acupuncturists

If you are being treated with acupuncture in the United States, the needles your practitioner uses on you will never have been used on another patient. This fact means that it is highly unlikely for you to contract a disease when you receive acupuncture.

Your practitioner uses more than needles

Needles are the main tool in acupuncture, but practitioners use a variety of other techniques and items. These are grouped under the label of Chinese medicine and may include massage, Acupressure, cupping, and Guasha or scraping the skin surface. Chinese herbs and Moxibustion, or heating of the skin, can also be used. Depending on your acupuncturist’s training, you may receive one or more other treatments than just acupuncture with needles.

You may need more than one treatment to find relief

You should expect your acupuncture practitioner to recommend additional treatments. Check with your insurance provider to see if acupuncture is something they will reimburse you for. Many have now added it to their list of approved treatments.

You should communicate with your acupuncturist

Be sure to speak up and tell your acupuncturist if something doesn’t feel right, or if the treatment causes discomfort. Your experience is supposed to be relaxing and enjoyable, so you should communicate with the therapist if it is not. Also, you should ask any questions you have about your treatments. Being prepared for your appointment helps you think of questions so that you have the best experience you can.

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