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About Back to Basics


Every body tells a story. Your hobbies, your job, your kids, your commute, your pain, stress, and grief. It’s all there in the patterns that exist in your body. Unfortunately, this is often a story of distress. And let’s face it, when pain holds you back from enjoying something you love, it can be depressing.

Here’s the good news: You are a remarkable machine, a web of living tissue that knows how to repair itself. But if it were as simple as stretching more, you’d have done it by now. To get your body back to a place where it is your vehicle and not your obstacle, you need the help of someone who understands what your life demands, has a solid knowledge of the musculoskeletal system, and knows how to give a deep, targeted super-relaxing massage that gets to the root of your problem. You have come to the right place. It is possible to feel better, and I know this because I’ve been there.

I opened “Back to Basics” Massage Studio because I wanted to create a beautiful, comfortable space for people to get help with pain, relief from stress, and resources to improve their health and quality of life. I feel lucky every day to be doing the work I love in a town I love, working with a group of funny, interesting, hard-working clients that brighten my day.

-Robert Mitchell, LMT

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